Saturday, March 16, 2013

Busy Day!

I have totally neglected the blog lately what with sick kids, field trips to plan, and the general blah-ness I feel about day to day life around here.  I need spring to come.  I need to overhaul my house and my classroom and get myself in GEAR!  Anyway, until then, here are some great pics from our busy day today. 

First, we had breakfast with the Easter bunny this morning!  I put the girls in their Easter outfits for a "dry run" and while they were absolutely adorable, Sylvia's hat kept falling down in her eyes, so I think it will be replaced with a big red bow on Easter Sunday.  And Margot's bow needs to be bigger, too.  Other than that, I was in LOVE with their dresses and the RED shoes Mom found in Sylvia's closet right before we left.  Score! 

Then we came home and rested up a bit, had some lunch, and headed out to Ms. Jen's Teddy Bear Tea Party!  Jen works at the day care and she's in charge of DA BABIES!  That's why Margot is madly in love with her.  I made the mistake of asking Sylvia what she wanted to wear to the tea party.  "Yellow Party Dress!"  Duh mom.  I packed gym clothes for her to change in to, but she was NOT interested.  I did get her to take off her dress shoes and tights, which was as comfortable as she wanted to get.  She had a BLAST!

She waited in line for EVER and finally got to jump down the trampoline!

Margot had a ball, too.  She played on all of the wedge mats.

Nothing but love for Ms. Jen!

This nice lady taught all the kids a teddy bear dance!

Considering she inherited my grace and coordination, she did pretty darn well!

Love this pic.  She's on the move all the time!
It was a great day, even though we didn't start naps until almost 3:30, which means Sylvia was SPENT!  Tomorrow we meet Mamie Brigitte for a day at the circus!  I'll be back with more pics of that tomorrow night.  Don't you want to be three years old again?!

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