Sunday, February 10, 2013

7 Months

Dear Margot,

You are one funny kid.  This month has been full of laughing and giggles and snuggles and bouncing and playing're just the best!  You can finally sit up on your own, which means we can put you down somewhere and you can keep yourself busy!  Phew! 

We keep trying to convince you that the jumperoo is the most amazing and fun thing ever, but you're not buying it.  You jump for a few minutes, you play with the rattles hanging from the top, you flip through the little book, and then you're like, "Wait a minute, they're trying to pawn me off on this giant plastic piece of garbage!  Pick me up right NOW!"  You're too clever for us.

During this month you've battled all kinds of ailments and baby problems.  Just this weekend you finally cut your first TOOTH!  I say finally because it seems that you've been teething since you were born.  You have been busy drooling and gnawing on everything you can get your hands on!  You've also started eating real food and you've made it very clear that you do NOT like the homemade stuff I slaved away to make.  Fine.  You're lucky you're so cute in that high chair or I might get mad at you for spitting out my food!

You're also starting to sleep like a normal person these days.  You've figured out the routine and you love your bed and your dou dou bear.  Some nights you practically jump out of my arms into your crib, and other nights you curl up against me right before I put you down as if to say, "Wait, Mommy!  Just a few more snuggles, please?"  And I always oblige.  Because your baby snuggles are amazing.  When we rock in our chair, you lay your head on my shoulder and wrap your arm around my neck.  Now I know to pay attention to where your knees and your feet fall on my waist.  Someday they'll reach my lap, then my knees, then you'll be too big for rocking and snuggling and I'll be the saddest Mama there ever was. 

One more thing, Muffin - your voice.  I think I've noted this in previous letters, but HOLY COW have you got a set of pipes!  You like to be heard.  I don't blame you.  Your babbling and singing and cooing are precious, yet sometimes just a little bit irritating.  I get it.  There's a lot going on in this house and a girl's gotta speak up if she wants some attention!  Sylvia thinks your loud yelling voice is hysterical so she yells too and....well, let's just say Daddy likes to take a walk by himself when the three of us really get going.  You might not know this about me, but I'm loud, too, and that's probably where you get it.  It's okay.  My hope for you and your sister is that you learn how to be loud when you should be loud and how to be quiet when you should be quiet.  If you think as carefully about what you say as your Daddy does, and if you speak as loudly as I do when something's really important, then you'll be a really great grown-up human.  I can't wait to see that!  Actually, I can.  Don't grow up, okay? 

We love you, sweet girl.  Thanks for being awesome!


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