Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Greatest Show On Earth...for real!

Those Ringling Brothers...they don't mess around!  We just tossed two tired girls into bed after a fun-filled evening at the circus!  Mamie Brigitte invited us to go ages ago, but I knew better than to say anything to The Nugget until right before we left.  Needless to say, she was super excited!  She could hardly contain herself on the way there, and for the first time in her entire life, she didn't beg to get out of the car when we dropped off Margot at my mom's house.  I've never seen Sylvia so impatient!  That girl wanted to see DA EL-FANTS!!  And she did NOT want to wait.

We arrived early for the pre-show party, which was CA-RAY-ZEE!!  Sylvia went through the giant bouncy house three times, TWICE by herself while I stood outside and tried not have a heart attack (there were announcements over the PA system about a boy who lost his parents, so I was freaking OUT when she was in there by herself - but she came out!  Both times.  Phew!)

After she had enough bouncing, we ventured to the other side of the floor where we saw an elephant painting (whaa???) and then they took down the barriers and let the kids dance with the clowns and other performers.  Sylvia was in heaven!  I wish I had my other camera so I could have taken video of her dancing.  It was adorable.

We found our way to our seats and secured a box of popcorn, then the show began!  
 I put my camera away during the show because I knew I wouldn't get any good pictures, but let's see....there were people doing tricks on horses, motorcycles on tightropes, dancing ponies, dancing dogs, clowns, a midget, girls dangling from fabric, girls dangling from hoops, girls dangling inside giant clear globes (one girl fell out!), lions and tigers, elephants, lots of smoke, lots of glitter and sequins, lots of singing, kung-fu masters, trapeze artists.....I know I'm forgetting something....llamas!  There were llamas.....aaaaand I think that's about it.  Oh!  Motorcycles in a giant sphere.  Sounds like no big deal, but trust me, it was impressive. 

During intermission there was a clown dance party, so Sylvia got to stand up and boogie. 

After two and a half hours (not including the pre-show!), it was time to go.  Big hugs and kisses to our favorite Mamie Brigitte!  Thanks for a rockin' good time!

OHHH!!  One more big deal: Sylvia wore her Cinderella panties and stayed dry the WHOLE TIME!  I think I'm going to go ahead and declare this child POTTY TRAINED!!!! YIPPEEE!!!!

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