Sunday, January 6, 2013

Six Months

Dear Margot,

So, technically you're six and a half months old, but whatever.  We had this thing called CHRISTMAS a while ago and frankly, it wore me out.  We got some great photos of you, but I still took some this morning of you in your chair, because I just can't believe how big you're getting!  I'm actually glad I waited a couple of weeks to write your letter, because you can do things now that you couldn't do two weeks ago!  You can sit up by yourself now, but usually you just bend forward until you can eat your toes.  You love to jump in your jumperoo, and when you really get going you squeal and laugh like it's the greatest thing on earth.  Another giant acomplishment - you're starting to sleep through the night!  Yippeee!!!!  This makes Mama very, very happy.  You are the sweetest!

We've been spending lots of time with family and friends lately, and everyone agrees - you are a very laid back and easy baby!  It doesn't matter who's holding you, you love to touch faces and nuzzle into our necks.  You're very snuggly.  You're starting to "give kisses," but I know you're really just trying to eat my face off.  Either way, it's totally cute!  You can sing and talk and babble with the best of them, too!  For being such a chill kid, you can get awfully loud when you want to, which will serve you well in this house, I suppose!  You like to sing along when any of us break out into song and it makes us laugh and laugh!

You've also started eating rice cereal with different fruits and veggies mashed up and mixed with it.  So far you've had bananas (loved 'em), spinach (hated it), peaches (loved 'em), and mangoes (didn't really care for it, but ate it anyway).  You're getting very good at eating from a spoon, but usually you just want to gnaw on the spoon itself because you're teething like crazy!  I can't see any teeth yet, but I know they're there, and I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of them pop out at once.  I'm sure we'll see a tooth or two (or ten) by your seven month letter!

Thanks for being the sweetest Muffin, dear girl.  We love you!

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Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, she just keeps getting cuter!