Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Much Appreciated Package!

When I got home Tuesday night there was a GIANT box by the front door.  Sylvain's grandmother sent us a SLEW of presents for the girls.  Whenever anyone in France asks what the girls need, I say "BOOKS!  Please send us some French children's books."  And we've received quite a few over the years, so our stash isn't puny by any means.  But HOLY COW!  This was the French book jackpot!  We are SO GRATEFUL to Mamie Josette!  Check out this haul:

Fnac: the big entertainment superstore in France.  What pretty paper!

Sensory books for Margot and princess books for Sylvia!

Charlotte aux Fraises (Strawberry Shortcake)!
Merci, Mamie!

Margot loves touching every inch of her new books!
Does anyone else remember these guys?

They're in FRENCH!  Sylvia has a whole set of these books AND a card game to help her learn her shapes, colors, clothes, feelings, expressions - you name it!  She also has a set of fairy tales, so she's read Raiponce (Rapunzel) about a zillion times since Tuesday night.

We are so thankful and so BLESSED to have such wonderful family in France!  Can you tell they want the girls to speak it?  So far, I think they'd be impressed, but NOW we could probably run a French preschool with all of our goodies!  Hmmm....that's not a bad idea......


Anonymous said...

OHHHH! We love Charlotte aux Fraise!! She's on Youtube if you ever want to watch. And we may just have to come over and read those books with you sometime! You're welcome to come over and watch Raiponce with us!! haha


krissy said...

you should totally do that!!