Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sister Giggles

Today was a big day for Miss Margot - she was baptized!  Despite the fact that Father Jeff mispronounced her first AND last names, it turned out to be a beautiful mass.  I'll post more about that later when I have more pictures (you know I didn't take a single one myself), but I wanted to post these videos tonight because The Girls and I had a little "moment" after nap time.  The party was over, both girls were well-rested, and Sylvain was out running errands, so our snuggle-fest on the couch turned into a giggle-fest and I had my camera RIGHT THERE!  What luck!  I couldn't decide which video is cuter, so you get them both.  He he.

I'm telling you - she does NOT laugh like that for me!  Sylvia is the only one who can get those big belly laughs out of her.  It's precious.

I did manage to take one picture today, of my brother, John, holding sweet Margot.  As soon as I saw it, it reminded me of a similar picture of Sylvia and my brother, Jordan. 

What is it about uncles that makes little girls want to cause trouble?

John and Margot, December 2012
Jordan and Sylvia, January 2011

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krissy said...

those are soooo adorable!!!