Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Perfect Christmas

I could go on and on about how wonderful our Christmas was now that we live closer to our family.  I'll sum it up by saying that I am so blessed to wake up in my own bed and spend the day in my own house, only venturing out into the cold for Christmas Eve Mass, followed by G.G.'s house, then again for Christmas dinner at Grandpa's house.  It truly doesn't get better than this.  I got to sit back (for the most part) and watch my girls have the time of their lives.  Here are the picture highlights...and there are many!

Getting ready to put out the reindeer food before we head to church.

At G.G.'s house, tearing through her first present - an Ariel doll!

Aunt Dar gave her a toy puppy - hopefully this will quell any desire for a real one.

G.G. got some Bailey's chocolates!

Margot was passed around like a sack of potatoes...

...but she likes faces, so she didn't mind!

Sylvia had a front row seat for the exchange games.

We got home late, but not too late to set out some cookies for Santa!

Santa's really good at wrapping big things in the playroom.

Christmas Morning

The girls slept so late that I had time to make tea AND take a picture of the family room!

Sleepy Nugget.

A new set of princess books - squeee!!!

Sylvia uncovers the new play kitchen.

Margot woke up just as Sylvia finished opening her own gifts.

She's intrigued by the sound and the taste of wrapping paper!

Ahhh...much better.  Thanks, Santa!

New slippers from Papi and Mamie in France!

They match.  My heart melts.

And the rest of the morning is spent baking cookies.

Mamie Brigitte arrives and we chat with a sick Mark.

More gifts!  She is one lucky girl.

Margot watches from the safety of Mama's lap.

A banana and cookies for lunch.  *Facepalm*  I do the best I can.

To Grandpa's for dinner!  Margot has the coziest spot in the house until....

Grandpa opens his gift from Jordan!  Yikes!

She never gets tired of opening presents...

...even when they're somebody else's!

That would be my brother, wearing a gift from my other brother.  Hilarious, especially with that beard.

Grandpa and Gran gave Sylvia her very first, 15*F sleeping bag!!!  She thinks we're going camping, like, tomorrow.  She's wrong.

This isn't the first year for remote control helicopters for the boys, but it IS the first year for SMART PHONE controlled helicopters.  I'm not even kidding.

Uncle Jordan helps put on her first pair of TOMS, which happen to match mine.  What is it about matching footwear that makes me melt?
Phew!  And there you have it.  I didn't even get to include pics from my Mom's Christmas with cousins Charlie and Claire because I don't have them yet, but Sylvia had the time of her life there, too!  We are so blessed.  In fact, Sylvia is blessed to the point of being absolutely spoiled rotten and I do feel a little guilty about it.  A little.  Not much, because I remember being a kid at Christmas.  And for what it's worth, I think she said "please" more often than she said, "more" or "now."  Also, I know she knows what all these gifts are for.  She watched the Christmas pageant at church last night with stars in her eyes.  She told me this morning that baby Jesus is in the manger with Mary, his mommy.  We had a few snugly moments today where we gave thanks for our presents, and for our own baby Margot, and our Daddy and everyone else who loves us so, so much.  It was really the most beautiful Christmas I've ever had! 


Laura said...

Ellie got red Toms, too! From her Aunt 'Susu'.

Sally said...

Rachael, you forget.......Santa is a very understanding fellow. I am sure he has no problem with you giving Sylvia a bananna for lunch along with the Christmas cookies.........