Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat in True Cinderella Style

It was so flipping COLD for Halloween this year.  I've been a total humbug all week because I was bracing myself for meltdowns and sugar highs and two girls staying up way past their bedtime.  But it turned out to be a really great night!  We had a real dinner with real vegetables and Sylvia ate a TON, so I knew we were off to a good start.  Then she changed into her WARM clothes (two layers of underthings, warm fluffy coat, princess dress).  Margot woke up from her evening cat nap just in time to squeeze into her mouse outfit before Sylvia and Sylvain hit the pavement.  Which means I got a picture of them both!  At this point I felt like a total success.  The rest of the evening was smooth sailing.  Here it is in photos!

Margot and I handed out candy while The Nugget collected from the neighbors.

House Number One - check.  The girl's smiling despite the cold and the RAIN!

Pony up, ladies!

Sprinting to the next house.

"Aaaand, I'm done.  Daddy, carry me."

Home by 6:30, stash sorted by 6:35.

Daddy catches some baby snuggles to warm himself up.
Both girls were bathed and in bed by 8:00.  I'm telling you, this nasty weather was the best thing that could have happened.  Sylvia helped hand out candy for a little while, which she really enjoyed.  She was careful not to mix up her own stash with our give-away stash; and while I watched her I realized what a ridiculous tradition this whole thing is: send your kid out to bring candy home while you give candy away to the other kids.  Why can't I just buy my family a bag of candy and lock the door?  Oh, right, the costumes and the pictures and the "Trick Or Treeeeaaattt!!!"  The little ones are cute, but the older kids are not.  Although, there was one ten-year-old boy who watched Sylvia drop a candy bar in his bag, then as he walked away he said, "Look!  I'm literally taking candy from a baby!"  That made us laugh. 

It was a good night and I'm glad it's over.  Tomorrow is pajama day at school, so....I won't be doing a whole lotta work!  Now I just hope Margot sleeps well tonight and Sylvia doesn't wake up with a cold.  Happy Halloween!!


Jennifer said...

So cute!

Kate said...

haha candy from a baby, thats funny. I was proud of our neighborhood kids, they seemed to all be under the age of 13!