Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September Photo Update

I just found all of these cute pics on the little camera - the one that's easy to cart around and the one I should just use all the time because it takes lovely pictures.  Turns out September was pretty darn fun, especially for my pig-tailed toddler!
A couple of weeks ago, I took Sylvia to Findley Market - just the two of us!  It was a beautiful day and she had SO much fun.  Every time we turned around, there was something fun to look at, or touch, or EAT, or watch.  Lots of dogs to pet, too.  She might want to move there someday.

"Look Mommy!  Firetruck!  Like Unca Jerry!"

She ran ahead of me and out of my sight for a split second (panic)! I found her on top of a pumpkin.

Supporting our local artists.  This kid was good!

Among a case full of treats, she chose the M&M cookie.  Girl knows what she wants.

We went to visit the Cincinnati Zoo with the Reynolds'.  This was my first attempt at the zoo with both girls.  Sylvia had no regard for the fact that I had a stroller with a baby in it.  She ran ahead of me in EVERY exhibit, and I was usually able to shout, "Sylvia?!!" and hear her shout back, "Whaaat??!!"  But once, in the birdhouse, she didn't call back to me and I almost had a heart attack.  Then, a nice couple noticed that I was a frazzled Mama trying to maneuver a stroller through a stupid exhibit as quickly as possible and they said, "Are you looking for a little blonde girl in a tutu?"  I said, "YES!"  They said, "We see her right there (around a corner)!  She's fine!" 

Oh my heavens.  It was a long day.
Counting the ducks on the pond.

If you ask Sylvia what her favorite animal was, she would say, "The Bulldozer!"

It's a good thing there's an alligator statue right outside the reptile house, because otherwise, Sylvia would try to wrangle a real alligator.  And after she won, we'd probably get kicked out.

This past Saturday, we joined the Reynolds' at an Oktoberfest Celebration.  Beautiful day, family friendly event, and Ann brought enough snacks and juice boxes for an army, so....we were all happy.

Sylvia: Let's be cute!  Cici: Your Mom made you do this.

Ayla, Sylvia and Cecilia coloring pumpkin masks.

What have I learned from this activity?  When it comes to taking Sylvia out for a fun time, I take my little camera and I ONLY take pictures of the toddler running around like a maniac.  During the zoo and Oktoberfest, Margot was there, chilling out and acting like a perfectly perfect baby.  Alas, she lost out to the pig tails.  Can you blame me? 

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