Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last Weekend First

I meant to get these pics up last weekend, but life happened.  And we had such a wonderful weekend this weekend, but I don't want to write about it until I catch up on LAST weekend!  So here it is in a nutshell:

We went to Neltner's Farm on Saturday morning.  To be perfectly honest, the whole Fasciotto family was in a bit of an "off" mood.  I felt like we rushed to get there, The Girls were cranky, The Parents were tired, and my mom kept hassling all of us to stand still so she could get a good picture.  I just wanted to buy a pumpkin and leave - check it off the list and move on!  But then I got home and saw our pictures!  It LOOKS like we had a really good time!  I guess it's true what they say - you can't take a bad picture on such a beautiful day.

Sylvia climbed up behind the drivers seat long before they started the wagon rides.  Finally, one of the guys saw her standing there and said, "Are you ready to go get your pumpkin?"  We were the first, and only, people out there.

Even though Margot napped in the moby the whole time, she still looked pretty darn cute!

Before we left, I told Sylvia to "find a warm hat."  She grabbed her princess baseball hat.  I wasn't about to fight that battle.

Mom's pretty proud of this picture!

Staring at the creek.

Feeding the goats.

Playing in the haunted house
On Sunday morning, Margot and I met Laura, Pete, Ellie, Audrey and Andrew at the Books by the Banks Festival to see our favorite DIY bloggers: The Petersiks, from Young House Love!!!  I wasn't sure what to expect, but the event was more than exciting!  We waited in line for about 45 minutes until we got to the table, and everyone in line was pleasant and happy and abuzz with YHL fever.  When we finally got there, Laura and I did our best NOT to look like or sound like a bunch of weirdos.  I think they liked us!

Sherry discusses the wonders of Greater's chocolate chunks.

This one is priceless.  Sherry is making such a fuss over MY BABY!  Can you blame her?

OMG, we look like best friends, don't we?  Like, "These are our friends, The Petersiks, in from out of town for the holidays.  Won't you join us for tea and party games?"  Not to mention - Margot wants to yank those big ol' blue earrings right out of Sherry's ear!
As if meeting them in person wasn't enough of a thrill, John and Sherry (our new BFF's) put pictures of us on the YHL BLOG this week!  They get like, 5 jillion page views a month, so there's a lot of people I don't know looking at my picture right now.  Eeek!  So fun.  They even linked to Laura's blog, which had 29 page views the day before, and OVER SIX HUNDRED page views on the day they posted!  Is that crazy or what??!  We're totally famous.  Somebody find Margot an agent.  OH!  Aaaand if you troll their comments pages, I believe you'll find a comment from Joyce on page six, to which Sherry responded.  Because she's my best friend, so naturally, she'd love my mom, right?

Maybe tomorrow night I'll get up the nerve to post about the amazing weekend we just finished.  Preview: Girls Only, Pumpkins, Princesses.  And a crocodile.


Laura said...

You got your days switched! YHL was on Saturday. I'm the same on our blog - need to post about the pumpkin patch and raking leaves day before I can write about the costume parade this afternoon :)

Laura said...

Also, my YHL blog is up to 840 views!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, hassling. And I thought we were having fun. :(