Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Woes of a Blogger

Thanks to everyone who put in their two cents about my blog change dilemmas.  However, none of you bothered to even MENTION a potential new name, except for Krissy, who suggested I use Nugget somewhere in the title.  Very cute idea and duly noted, but I've come to some conclusions.  First of all, since changing the URL to anything cute would be potentially hazardous (since most cutesy names are taken); and secondly, since this is a family blog and our family is constantly changing, I've decided to keep the new URL address simple and easy to remember, so I'm going to try something like fasciottofamily dot blogspot dot com.  That way, no matter how many kids we end up with or what their nicknames are, that web address will always work, and I'll be surprised if someone else is already using it.  If they are, I'd like to meet them.  Also, this will let me change the title to whatever cutesy name I want, but for now, it'll just have to stay put with "Living The Dream."  I think it's a funny title anyway, even if I did steal it from an ex-boyfriend who answered every "How ya doin?" with a "Just living the dream, man!"  He meant it to be a joke, of course, because we were all broke and in college at the time, but now I think it's a pretty apt title for my little family updates!  So be on the lookout for a new URL address in the next week or so.  I'll post it on Facebook once I actually do it, but here's a good head's up.

Also, I was going to wait to change my background (which is long overdue) until I had my new header picture, but that STUPID "cutest blog on the block" site has decided to discontinue my previous background as of tomorrow!  Who does that?!  That's never happened to me before and I think it stinks.  I love setting aside a good chunk (2 hours?) of time to peruse lots of sites for the perfect background, but tonight I feel so rushed!  I just chose one of the first ones I found and, although I don't hate it, I would probably have picked a different one, especially once I have my picture.  Grr!!  So frustrating.

Anyway, this is turning out to be a really boring post that has nothing significant to say except "whine, whine, whine...poor me and my blog," and I'm not into that.  So...goodnight!


Jennifer Wheeler said...

Yeah... I had every intention to offer a name suggestion until I realized how hard it was to come up with even one idea. And even if it was picked in a hurry, I really like the new background.

allison said...

It turns out 'fasciottofamily' dot blah blah blah is still available and I'm SOOOOO tempted to go snag it and then hold it for ransom.
As it is, I've got my own blogging that I'm past due on and don't have time to interfere in yours. Have fun changing over!

Sally said...

How about Rachael'sRuminations for a title? Pretty much that's what it all is. And maybe that's why I enjoy it so much!
.....or fasciottofamily is good too........
Background doesn't mean much to me one way or the's all about content!