Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reader's Survey

Okay, so I'm playing around with the design of my blog and readers, we must talk.  So far I've been more than happy sifting through other sites that provide oodles of cute backgrounds so I can change mine up every month or two or ten.  However, I want to start designing my own headers.  Lately I've just been using my own pictures behind the header/title and it's been fine, but I want to start using better pictures and fonts, just because I think it would be fun.  I sort of played around with that idea when I changed my current picture, and in a few weeks I'll have a new picture to put up there that I've been dying to show you.  So, here's what I need to know:

Question #1: Does it bother you that the pictures in my header are just a little bit too big for the stupid blue line that outlines them?  Because it drives me crazy but I have no idea how to fix it.  So if it does bother you, you better be able to tell me how to fix it.  HOW DO I FIX IT???

Question #2: I've been playing around with new titles for my blog, but don't like any of them, so if you have a cute title to suggest, I'm all ears.  Which leads me to...

Question #3:  I hate my url address.  I picked it based on my email address which is based on my old high school nickname which no one uses anymore (except for three people, two of whom haven't called me Pocket since I announced I was pregnant...weird.)  Anyway, if I change it to something else, will that screw everyone up?  I'm thinking about changing it and posting a message on facebook with the new url and that should cover everyone who follows this, right?  I mean, there are only five followers so I'm not too worried.  What I AM worried about is...what do I change it to??  This may be easy depending on what I decide to do with the title.  Should the title and url address be the same?  I think so.  It would make things much easier, right?

I don't know why I care so much.  This is just a silly family blog, but lately it's been my only creative outlet!  Once school starts and I can organize and design my classroom, my blog will not seem nearly as important, so if I'm going to make these changes, it's best to do it now.  I can't wait to hear your input, dear reader!  (Especially on question #2 - I'm really stumped and need lots of ideas, so let 'em flow, folks!  Mom, I expect you to step up on this.  Come on!)


allison said...

1. I had not EVER noticed your picture not fitting in the blue line until you mentioned it. I look for the picture, not the outline :)
2. Sorry, no suggestions here. I had enough trouble thinking of one for mine.
3. I have to say I (and my computer) have memorized your blog address. I could probably remember a new one also if you do change it.
Creative outlets are fun. I've had fun playing around with mine, including designing my own header and breaking html codes to change backgrounds and formats. It's a bit addicting at times. Have you talked with Madonna about hers? I know she's played around a bit also.
Have fun with it!

allison said...

Okay, by the looks of it, I commented right after you posted. I promise I'm not stalking you...your address came up in my auto-fill when I was headed to another site.

Tate said...

I have also never noticed the blue outline until you pointed it out. I do like your current picture though :o) I don't have any suggestions for you for your URL but at least its not as bad. I didn't realize when I was creating the name that it would automatically be the URL. I would consider changing it but I don't care enough :o)

Jennifer Wheeler said...

Hmm... I will get back to you on names. I must admit, I love checking your blog at work- blogs are one of the few things somehow not blocked by my company's evil "stay on task" software. So if you want to rename it: AsiteJencanaccessfromwork that's good for me. I'll try to come up with some suggestions this afternoon, thanks for giving me something to do to make this boring Monday go by!

Erin Lynne said...

I also hadn't noticed the picture. So thanks for pointing that out to all of us... :)
About creating a new URL, I'm going to warn you that just about every imaginable one is already taken. Trust me. But I do think there's a way to import all of your entries from this one to the new one (but I could've dreamed that)
Can't wait to see the new picture!

krissy said...

I've never noticed the line thing either.
You could use Sylvia's nicname in someway. I love that you call her Nugget, too cute.
But do post the new one on your current site a few days before you change it since I'm off facebook now. :-)