Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Three Months

Dear Sweet Sylvia,

My, how you have changed in the last month! You’ve made the leap from newborn to sweet baby and I must say, you take my breath away. When I look at you and you smile back, I sometimes think to myself, there is no greater gift than watching this sweet face. Your smile reminds me of your Uncle Jordan’s smile when he was a kid in that when you open your mouth and turn up the corners, it takes up the entire bottom half of your face. As your daddy would say, you could park a car in there! And you have no teeth yet, which makes your smile look even bigger. Nothing but gums and teeth and giggles all day long. You are such a happy baby!

One thing that still captures your complete and utmost attention is that damn DUCK! You are totally infatuated with his yellow shape and his vibrating tummy. You’ve made a good choice for a first love, too. Daddy and I totally approve because he has taught you some important things – mainly, he’s taught you excellent hand-eye coordination and, well, that’s hard to find in a lover these days, it really is. You have started to figure out how to wrap your tiny little fingers around his pull cord and sometimes, every once in a while, usually when no one else is looking, you can manage to pull it down just a click or two to make him vibrate for a split second. Then you laugh and shake your arms and legs without letting go of the duck, so it looks like you’re trying to kill him, but we all know you’re just overcome with merriment! I hope you find many things in life that make you as genuinely happy as Mr. Quack. I don’t know how any of us ever lived without him.

You’ve done a lot of living this month, little nugget. You helped Daddy celebrate his first Father’s Day and words cannot express how much he loves you. You are so lucky to have such a loving, playful and doting father. He’s so enthralled by every tiny little thing you do. He nudges me all the time and just says, “Look at her!” We spend a lot of time looking at you. He takes great care to change your diapers as gently as he can and when I’m giving you a bath at night he gets your room ready just the way you like it. He closes the blinds, lays out your pajamas and your vitamins, straightens up any stray blankets or burp cloths so that when you’re ready, you and I can sit down and nurse and get you straight to bed. With all the baby love flying around our house lately, I’m surprised the cat hasn’t decided to move out!

Another big first for you this month – your first rooooooooooooooad triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip! Daddy and I have always loved taking road trips and I was a little worried that traveling with a baby would be hard. All I can say to that is PISHAW!! You’re a total road warrior baby! Born to ride, made to cruise, loving the open road! Our seven-hour drive to Atlanta, Georgia was an absolute delight, once we figured out that we should feed you after you wake up instead of waiting for you to get fussy. (We had to pull over to the side of the road on the Jellico Mountain to feed you because it was 30 miles to the next exit and you were SCREAMING! Sorry ‘bout that.) Everywhere we go, whether you’re in your stroller, strapped to me in the Moby wrap, or just slung over my shoulder and perched on my arm, you are so interested in everything there is to see. You like to look at lights and faces – especially eyes – so you make friends every time we stop somewhere long enough for you to make eye contact. And let me tell you – people LOVE YOU! The two things people always say are, “She’s so tiny!” and “She’s so alert!” Which means you might not be as gigantic as most American babies your age, but darn it, you look smarter than all of them already!

So here you are, three months old in July. Summer is in full swing, fireworks are the latest nighttime bling, and my own birthday is right around the corner. What more could I want than the sweetest, friendliest, loveliest baby in the world? Nothing but the opportunity to watch you grow and relish in every tiny goal you accomplish. As our favorite song says, you are my sunshine. Thank you for lighting up my life!

Love You,

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Meredith said...

I cracked up at "that's hard to find in a lover"...HA! I cannot believe she's growing so much. To me, three months is when everything magically seems easier with a baby. They're alert and engaged in what's going on and there is a lot less crying. Your letters are so sweet.