Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rocking the Weekend

Yikes!  We've been crazy busy, just the way I like it.  Now that I'm back to work and Sylvain is officially a Stay At Home Dad, we've been packing all of our family fun into the weekends!  Some exciting happenings are as follows:


What an old man.  If there were ever a man who has "grown old gracefully," it's this guy!  Poppie is the bomb and we love him.  We went to his farm to celebrate with our favorite cousins, Charlie and Claire.  All the aunts and uncles were there, too, of course.  Happy Birthday, Bird!

Mommy Daughter Date!

I have no pictures, but I took Sylvia to the Reds game Friday night along with Mamie Brigitte, who came to visit for the weekend.  It was delightful!  Sylvia was loopy and high on sugar by the end of the fourth inning, and we had a BIG Saturday planned, so we didn't stay for the whole game.  Which was good because next up.....


Mamie wanted Sylvia to run in The Color Run 5K with her this weekend, which we knew Sylvia would absolutely love.  We finally agreed to ALL do the race, but since I am no sort of runner (more of a leisurely walker), Sylvain and I pushed the stroller while Mamie and Sylvia ran ahead of us.  If you're not familiar with a Color Run, you basically wear white while volunteers toss "color" on you.  The color is made of dyed corn startch, so it's safe and all.  Sylvia had a bandana to put over her face because breathing it was probably not ideal.  I thought I'd be able to keep Margot clear of all color dust, but I couldn't.  She's had blue boogers for two days!  Oh well, we all had fun!  I suppose one day of colored corn starch won't kill anybody, right?  Here are the awesome pics:

Early morning protein before we hit the road.

We were one of the last groups to start, but we hardly had to wait at all!

All clean and pretty before the race!

Practicing with her bandana.

The cutest color runner you ever did see!
Matching tutus!

We covered the stroller with a sheet and cut holes for the straps.  Boy, am I glad we did!

See ya, ladies!  Sylvia ran almost the entire 5K!

First color station: blue!  Her favorite!

We've been hit!

Entering the Pink station.  I should add that music was blaring in each station.  Like a giant party.  It was awesome!

The course doubled back a few times and I was able to catch our running friends as they passed.

Yellow spots!  And a post-color-station snack.

Sylvia dumped the orange color packet on her own head at the Finish Festival.  This is when the color got really crazy.
When you put all the colors together and rub your face a bunch, it just turns black. 

After!  Best family portrait ever!

Then we had to clean up.
A Red's game and a 5K are enough fun for one weekend, right?  WRONG!  We came home, had lunch, took some naps, and headed to Gran and Grandpa's house for...


These pictures aren't that great, especially since I didn't get one single picture of Evan.  But let me tell you, the party was a blast!  Jordan's band played, the drinks were on ice in a canoe, and the cupcakes looked like the American flag!  And there were fireworks.  Best party ever.

Sylvia's new BFF Cohen.  They played so well together!

Cupcake icing....mmmm....


Dancing, playing, having fun.

Watching fireworks on the greatest summer night ever.
I didn't get any pictures of Margot, but that's because I spent all night chasing her around while she crab crawled, pushed a lawn mower, and walked while she held my fingers.  That girl can MOTOR!  Both girls stayed up WAY past their bedtimes, but they had a blast.  Sylvia probably had four Capri Suns, two cupcakes, and some candy.  So, when she asked for a carrot at 9:15, I was shocked!  That was our sign that it was probably time to go.  After she ate her carrot, of course.

Despite two late nights in a row, my girls were still awake at 6:30 this morning.  They are in surprisingly good spirits (you never know when the Crankies will arrive), so we've spent our day doing laundry, running to Target, taking loooong naps (halleluiah), and now we're watching a movie.  I know, it's beautiful outside, but we've been outside for two straight days, so I think a little lounging is in order!  

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