Saturday, June 29, 2013

Margot's One Year Pictures

My old friend, Kris Livingston, is a mom with a talent for photography and she runs a little side business by taking pictures of pretty things, like babies and brides and senior girls.  I asked her to do Margot's newborn pics and fell in love with them, and the way she runs her business is spectacular, in my book.  One low price, and a CD full of great photos that I can do whatever I want with!  She came back to do Margot's six month pics and now she's done a wonderful job with Margot's one year pics!  I'm still trying to decide which ones to print, but here are the best of the session.  We went to Devou Park in Covington and I think they turned out really well!  I'm still waiting for her to email me one more of me and Margot together, but I'm itching to get these on the blog, so here you go!

Love this one!  Think I'll hang it as our family portrait.

I cropped this one a bit myself (sorry, Krissy!).  Love me a good foot photo!  And this one makes me laugh because Margot will NOT keep a pair of shoes on, so it's very fitting for her one year mark.

Think I might hang this one in her room.

Blue Steel, anyone?

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Rachael Koontz said...

The pictures are precious! Happy Birthday to Margot!