Friday, July 12, 2013

Sausage Fest! (and a trip to the Zoo)

No, seriously.  There's a REAL Sausage Fest in Cincinnati every summer!  Apologies to my vegetarian friends, but we had a darn good time sampling the finest brats, metts, and my personal favorite...goetta!  Sylvia had her first brat, which I thought she'd hate, but she loved the first and only bite she took.  Then she ate the cheese off the top and snacked for the rest of the night.  Whatever!  It's summer.  Sylvain ate a hot mett and loved it and Margot and I shared a goetta, egg and cheese sandwich!  Oh. My. Goodness.  I'm pretty picky about goetta, for example: I hate the goetta at the Hofbrau Haus or in most restaurants, but this goetta was perfect!  Crispy and delicious. 

Sylvia was having a hard time being anything other than a three year old.  There was a lot of "I want" and "BUT PLEASE!!!" and screaming and crying.  Finally, after we all ate dinner, we decided to let the kids be kids and she perked right up.  She loved the bouncy houses and the GIANT alligator slide (which scared me to death, but she survived).  I didn't think to pull out my camera, though, until we got to this:

Glitter Rainbow face painting?  Yes, please! 

Too bad she only got to wear it for, like, an hour before she had to take a bath.
 Then we found this...

Cici got a glitter tattoo on her arm - probably a better move than paint on the face.  Sylvia kept rubbing her eyes in the car and we had rainbow paint everywhere!

Poor Margot was a total champ, hanging out in the stroller watching the big girls have all the fun!  She did love the misting tent and the live music.  She's a dancer!

This is Sylvain's favorite picture from the evening - I'm all happy and Margot's all, "I don't know, Mom.  I might puke."

Sylvia enjoyed her fist cotton candy!

Okay, do you remember what it felt like to be a kid and eat cotton candy with a painted face?  Remember how it felt awesome and terrible at the same time?  Sticky, sweaty, uncomfortable, and amazing!  Sylvia took a shower when we got home, and I've never seen her more cozy, comfy and relaxed once that junk was off her face and the sugar high wore off!  We watched the rainbow paint swirl down the drain and she let out an audible sigh of relief..."Aaahhhhhh....."

Now, if you haven't had enough pictures, I thought I'd tack on some picks from our trip to the zoo yesterday - hooray for summer!  And might I add - this weather has been amazing.  I won't complain if the rest of the summer stays just like this: sunny and warm, but not sweltering.  It feels good in the shade and when the breeze blows.  Heaven on earth, I tell ya! 

Sylvia touched a lizard.  Multiple times.  That's my girl!

A sign for the new "Nursing Nest!"  DANG!  Where was that last summer?

Waiting for the train ride to start - the highlight of every trip.

Margot loved the train.  She nearly jumped out of the moving car when she saw the wolves, because she wanted to snuggle with them.

A bird landed on my head.  It was weird and I did not love it.

And one landed on Sylvain's neck.  He laughed, I panicked.  The bird didn't kill him, though, so....we survived.

A nice stranger bought some nectar for Sylvia.  The girl is fearless!

I gave it a try.  Two birds almost killed me on their way to the nectar.  Margot loved it.


Sylvia loves these lazy fellas.
Of all the amazing animals at the zoo - Sylvia's favorite?  The butterflies!!  We need a butterfly garden at our house.
And there you have it!  I didn't take any pictures of the magical moment we all had with the penguins.  They were swimming right next to the glass and an EMPEROR PENGUIN floated up to us and stopped to stare RIGHT AT US!  I cried a little.  It was truly an amazing experience. 

Tomorrow I turn 32.  If I feel like posting about it I will, but if I don't, just know that we have a lot of fun CHILDLESS things planned for tomorrow!

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