Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Time!!

Last weekend finally felt like spring!  We began our weekend with dinner at Gran's house where Grandpa hid plenty of eggs in the backyard.  Sylvia was a master egg hunter.


I think she yelled out, "Look at meeee, Grandpaaaa!" at least three times.  And, "DERE'S ONE!" at least ten.
The boots are back, by the way.  She totally owns it!

We continued our weekend festivities on Saturday with Scarlett's birthday party in Lexington, and Scarlett's marks the first of a SLEW of spring birthday celebrations.  It's always a delight to see our old friends and watch our kids grow right before our very eyes!  Here are some fun pics.

Ben and Emily with the Birthday Girl!

Not sure who the three folks on the left are, but there's Ellie enjoying a cupcake next to Laura.

Sylvia, Clover, and Scarlett.  Just like last year, these three girls found a moment to be together long enough for me to get goosebumps.  It's been ten years since their Mamas lived together on Aylesford.  And John and Ben were there, too.  Crazy town. 

Margot bounced on Daddy's knee for a large portion of the afternoon.

Li'l Alasdair.  Except he's not little at all.  Margot was smitten.

My favorite pic of Scarlett.  Look at that sweet, happy face!

Blixa enjoyed the fresh air and wrapping paper.

John and Clover.

Sylvia pulled Scarlett to the back of the yard, then shouted, "Okay, Scarlett!  It's your turn to pull ME!"

Scarlett was all, "Nah, girl.  I can't pull a wagon!  But my Daddy can.  Hop on in!"

Margot was having a blast on the couch!

On Sunday, we celebrated Easter with all the bells and whistles.  We managed to get ourselves to church for the first time in a loooong time and I was SO WORRIED that the girls would have meltdowns.  Margot slept the WHOLE time and Sylvia played with her new stickers and books from the Easter bunny.  She did a FABULOUS job staying quiet and singing and praying.  I think we'll try to hit that 8:30 mass more often instead of our usual 11:00.  After mass we headed to Grammy's for some Easter fun with Charlie.  Then it was home for naps and on to Grandma Neltner's for dinner!  Phew!  It was a wonderful day. 

The Easter Bunny hid Sylvia's basket behind the couch.  Tell me that's not the cutest outfit you've ever seen in your entire life!

Margot says, "Hey Sylvia!  Open my present for me while I play with these other toys."  Look at the cheeks on that girl!

I said, "Charlie's going to be at Grammy's house!"  Sylvia laughed hysterically and said, "Charlie?!  He's my FRIEND!!!"

Waiting for the indoor egg hunt to begin.

The Easter bunny put pennies in the eggs and the kids had to buy their treats from the Bunny Hop Shop!  Pretty sure Joyce was a primary teacher in a previous life.  That or she's in the wroooong profession!

Fun with Aunt Jenny!

The only child without a sugar rush.

Sylvia: "What do you mean there's no more candy!"  Margot: "Your kidding me, right?"

Racing to find the eggs at Grandma Neltner's house!  The fun never stops.
Phew!  I know that's a lot of pics, but I just couldn't narrow it down and I wanted to get all caught up!  Sylvia's birthday celebrations are this weekend, so get ready for more CUTENESS overload!

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Laura said...

Love, love, LOVE the girls dresses!! It will be hard to top those next year. And Sylvia's bangs peeking out of that hat - too precious!