Sunday, April 7, 2013

Birthday, Round 2: Puke Free!

Okay!  I'm totally digging this idea for separate parties!  Now that Sylvia's fast asleep and I didn't poison anyone with my meal (I don't cook much - okay...EVER - and I had to do it all by MYSELF tonight because Sylvain was working, so....I was worried), I can safely say that Birthday Weekend was a success!  In the middle of all that cooking and talking I didn't take many pictures, but here are the ones I do have from tonight's festivities.

Tearing open the first gifts from us - some new dress up clothes that are NOT princesses.  Not that there's anything wrong with princesses, but she has a jillion dresses and I thought her dress up bin could use a little balancing.  Luckily, she loved them!

She wanted to be a firefighter as soon as she opened the outfit.  Uncle Jerry would be proud!

I thought it was funny watching a Fire Chief blow out birthday candles!  How cute is that princess cake from Grammy?

She checked everyone's temperature and gave us all shots.  She was one busy doctor!
And that's it!  It was wonderful to see the grandparents and she got some adorable presents from everyone.  A doll house, a *new* soccer ball, some French fairy tales, and a princess folding chair!  I'll be back tomorrow as I try to put into words what it's like to see my sweet girl turn three.  It's bizarre and beautiful and bewildering all at the same time!  Happy Birthday, Sylvia!

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