Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Scarlett!

Sylvia and I took a delightful springtime drive to Lexington today for a special birthday party - Scarlett is ONE year old!  Remember all those babies I was hoarding last spring?  They're all about to turn one and today they were all dolled up in their springy best!

Sylvia dove into a cupcake within ten minutes of arriving.  She's her Mama's daughter!

Emily made these adorable little Mad Hatter Hats for the kiddos.  Sylvia tried to wear hers to bed tonight.

Megan with Clover and Emily with Scarlett - these two babies are besties forever!

Audrey and Ellie, chilling together on the baby play mat.

Sylvia, Scarlett, and Clover, checking out the yard.

Audrey and her Daddy, Michael - LOVE.

Double LOVE!

Emily also made this amazing pull string pinata for the li'l uns to open.  It was full of snack bags of goldfish!  Score!!

Scarlett tears into her birthday cupcake - yummers!!

Sylvia and Clover watch the slide show from the couch...

...then enjoy some tickle time.

Scarlett, Clover, and Sylvia.
Pictures like that last one really get me choked up.  Scarlett's mama, Emily, and Clover's mama, Megan, were my best girlfriends and roommates in college.  Sometimes it seems like yesterday that we were painting our kitchen red and dancing on the coffee table.  Then I look at these three girls and I'm all...holy cupcake!  We have KIDS!  And we're allowed to KEEP THEM!  I wish I could go back in time and show this picture to those crazy college girls.  They wouldn't believe how well things turned out.

I wish I had more pictures of Ellie and Audrey, but alas, 'tis the nature of parties and cameras.  Those mamas are awfully special to me, too, and I know they know it!  It was so nice to visit with old friends today and celebrate the awesomeness of Scarlett!  Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

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emily said...

man, I was so proud of myself for not crying yesterday at the party, but I just started tearing up looking at all the little gals in pictures. We are so lucky to have found each other in college and this next generation is beyond lucky to have been born into the coolest circle of girls around! Thanks for sharing so many pics- as usual, I got distracted and my poor camera sat on the table, untouched!