Sunday, March 25, 2012

Big Blueberry Madness

Anyone with a toddler will tell you that meal times are a gamble.  I've been having a really REALLY hard time getting Sylvia to eat good food.  I've tried every trick and tip in the book.  I think the biggest frustration is that her tastes and preferences change so quickly that I can't keep up with what she likes.  The only things she consistently eats are a ham sandwich every morning in the car and plain pasta every night for dinner - and I consider these to be HUGE successes.  So, you can imagine my delight when I was able to catch her doing this at our special GO CATS breakfast this morning:

She ate a blueberry waffle!  Hooray!  I was planning to make homemade waffles with her this morning, since UK was playing in the Elite Eight and she got that adorable bib/apron (I belive it's called a bapron?) from Laura yesterday.  I remembered at the last minute that we had some blueberries that were about to go bad, so I picked out the yucky ones and let her sprinkle the good ones on top of the batter before we closed the waffle iron.  The first waffle didn't turn out so pretty, so I started cutting the blueberries in half for the second waffle.  When I went to make the third waffle ALL OF MY BLUEBERRY HALVES WERE GONE out of the bowl!  Sylvia was shoving the last of them into her mouth and mumbling "mmmmm."  Geez Louise!  Who would have thought that all it took to get the girl to eat tiny fruit was to cut it in half and make it even smaller?  These are the things that make me feel like an idiot almost every day.  Anyway, she loved the berries AND the waffles, so our Big Blue celebration started with a bang this morning!

Next on the agenda - snuggle time with Daddy while Mama cleaned the kitchen.  This is why I love the weekends!

After we all got dressed in our finest UK attire, we ran some morning errands, which included going to Kroger.  Last week, I discovered that if we wander around the floral section and pretend to look at flowers, some nice lady will ask Sylvia if she wants a balloon!  Which she always does.  She clutched her balloon all day and wouldn't put it down, but I thought it was appropriate given our Big Blue theme for the day.  Here are a couple cute pics I snapped after lunch. She LOVES her cheerleader outfit from Grammy.  She shouts "Go Cat!" every time she sees it.

We went to Gina and Nick's to watch the game with the Sandfoss clan and Sylvia had a blast running around with "KC Puppy" (as she calls their dog) and Nolan, my cousin's little guy.  Luckily, UK won!  So now we get to play Louisville in the Final Four and OH MY GOODNESS I'm so nervous!  I loved being a Wildcat Family today, but I must say, a small part of me wishes this had happened when I was in college.  I know Lexington is going to be an amazing place to be this week! 

Not only do we have basketball to look forward to next weekend, but it's also the beginning of our SPRING BREAK!!!!  I can't wait to spend a whole week at home doing the things we love to do. 


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Jennifer said...

I love those pigtails! And I know what you mean about missing Lexington during tourney time, we're bummed that people in SC don't even know why we're wearing so much blue lately. Make sure you feed that cutie blueberries on Saturday, it brought us luck!