Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seniority Means Nothing Around Here

In my last post, I mentioned that Sylvia chases our cat a lot.  Scratch that!  She doesn't need to chase her anymore because Brown Audrey has officially GIVEN UP!

The morning after we went to the zoo, Brown Audrey was sitting on the top of the couch by the window, where she always sits in the morning, and Sylvia begged me to lift her up onto the couch.  I obliged and put her on my lap, waiting for the cat to dart away.  Sylvia stood in my lap, reached out her hand, and HEY YO!!!!! She grabbed a fist full of cat fur and the poor kitty didn't bat an eye!  Sylvain and I were both cautious; we knew the cat would run any second, but she did no such thing!  She sat there while Sylvia screeched and hollered and grabbed and stabbed and POKED THAT CAT IN THE EYE!  No lie, folks, Sylvia tortured the heck of her.  Brown Audrey just turned her head to look at me, and this is what she said:

"Are you serious?  You're kidding me, right?  You're going to sit there and laugh while this maniac slowly pokes me to death?  HE has known me for more than ten years, and YOU for more than seven, but hey!  That's alright.  Go ahead and let this BRAND NEW CREATURE just ruin my life.  That's cool.  I'll just sit here and wait for my internal organs to start bleeding."

Poor kitty.

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