Friday, June 17, 2011

Greatest Day Ever:

Look what I've got!

From left to right: Scarlett Louella Allen, Audrey Clay Marks, (Sylvia Joyce Fasciotto - who decided to take time out of her busy schedule to drop in for a head shot), Eleanor Wrenn Crawford, Clover Lydia Darko! Scarlett's snacking on the ol' fist, Audrey is skeptical, Ellie is eating Clover's shoulder, and Clover hasn't decided if she likes the set up yet.  I am in baby heaven!

Today, Sylvia and I went to Lexington to meet the newest arrivals - FOUR babies girls, all born within the last three months!  Does it get better than that?  I don't think so.

I was so impressed with all of my new Mama friends.  They all know EXACTLY what they are doing!  No cry, whimper, or smile went unanswered.  They were all in perfect sync with their own little one.  It was absolutely astonishing!  I spent the majority of my afternoon chasing Sylvia around the house, but I listened to the conversations, and I must say...these are some fine role models.  All of these women are smart, funny and creative.  I can't think of a better group of people to spend the day with.

While they were sharing the most intimate of thoughts and discussions, Sylvia was in toddler heaven and I wasn't far behind!  We've been using the cat to practice "gentle, one-finger touching."  She did really well, for the most part.  She rocked Ellie in her car seat.  She patted Scarlett on the leg before trying to climb into the bouncer with her.  She said "Awww, baby!" about a hundred times during the day.  She also loved.....THE CATS!  Poor Lucy The Cat got a run for her money today.  Sylvia ran through every room and squealed at the top of her lungs every time she saw that poor kitty.  Overall, today was one, giant, overstimulating party for Sylvia.  She didn't stop moving or making noise until long after she went to bed.  I was WORN OUT!

Regardless of our best efforts, Sylvia just can't pass up the opportunity to poke a baby in the eye.  Here are the girls before she assaulted poor Clover:

And here they are after she stabbed Clover in the eye: (notice how Audrey is starting to get worried...)

Sylvia's all, "What?  She has such a cute face!  What did you EXPECT me to do???"

Scarlett is the social one, grabbing Audrey's arm, trying to be all buddy-buddy:

Later, Scarlett would whisper sweet nothings into Ellie's ear.  I'm sure she's orchestrating some big "Take Over The World" scheme, but she doesn't realize that everyone here is a baby.  Patience, sweet Scarlett.  Patience.

I brought some of Sylvia's old toys with us, so I could convince these new Moms to take care of them until after we move (aren't I clever?).  Sylvia gave a demonstration and said, "Hey ladies, let me show you how this works...."

All joking aside, though, these four Mommies are quite an inspiration.  As I watched them mother their babies, I was overwhelmed with the amount of creativity, intellect, humor, and camaraderie that filled the room.  These girls have some mad mothering skillz!  With a Z!

To say that I have the "baby itch" would be an understatement.  How could I not want another little one when all of these sweet babies are so happy?!  I can't wait to watch these girls grow up.  They're going to do great, great things.  I just know it!


krissy said...

What a precious group of babies! I love your description of Sylvia's thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Great picture with all the new mamas. You need to do a ya-ya sisterhood weekend every year and take this identical picture each year. Love it! Grammy