Thursday, June 16, 2011

Before I Forget...

Words that Sylvia says:
Woof woof (more, like ooh ooh)
Ribbit Ribbit (an unintelligible gurgle in the back of her throat)
Chat (french for cat, it's easier to say)

Words Sylvia responds to:
Thank you! (When we want her to give us something)
Head or Tete
Nose or Nez
Hi and Goodbye (she waves)

Signs Sylvia can use:

Signs she recognizes:
finished/all done

This whole language development thing is fascinating.  A month ago she only said Mama and Dada, and she grunted or cried for everything else.  She is communicating in some very interesting verbal and non-verbal ways!  She's pointing to things, she'll try to open the fridge when she's thirsty, and she reaches for the door knob when she wants to go outside.  It's really nice to watch her tell us what she wants.  I feel like we're guessing less and less every day.

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Laura said...

Before you know it, she'll be yammering on and on and on and you'll be thinking - man, it was nice before she could talk! (my father tells me that all the time) :)