Thursday, November 25, 2010


Yesterday morning I woke up with an agenda.  Folks were showing up at 5:00, dinner was planned for 6:00.  It was my first attempt at a turkey, so I was a little, tiny bit nervous.  I knew the bird would be in the oven for most of the afternoon; therefore any pie-making would have to take place first thing in the morning.  Sylvia and I woke up and did our usual morning routine, but when she went down for her nap, I went into super-kitchen-hero, flour-wielding, baking-and-cooking mode.  By the time she woke up, I was rolling out my pie crusts and belting out my Christmas tunes. Sylvain got her out of bed, gave her a bottle, then decided to plop her in the high chair (still in her pajamas, mind you) so she could watch all the action.

She ate a few Cheerios then started watching Mama.  Harry Connick Jr.’s “Let It Snow” was playing on Pandora and I couldn’t help but sing and dance and spill flour all over the place.  Sylvia shrieked excitedly and kicked her footed pajama feet.  Sylvian chuckled and shook his head.  I pulled out all of my old UK acapella group moves (word up, Paws and Listen!) and while I flashed my jazz hands and snapped my fingers, Sylvia squealed with delight!  I stopped for a second to catch my breath, glanced at the gigantic mess I left of the counter, noticed the joyful and wondrous little girl watching it all, and let myself get choked up while I thanked the Lord above for such a glorious morning.  Then I cried a little bit, out of sheer happiness.

This is what it’s all about.  Someday she’ll be too old to care about songs and pie making.  Someday I’ll be too busy to stop and sing.  But today, for just one day and one moment, she and I were a part of the most wonderful holiday tradition.  My mother would be proud, and maybe a little bit sad that she couldn’t be here.  But we thought of her, and all of our family, on this greatest day of Thanksgiving.

 Here are my reasons to be thankful this year:        

On, on U of K! We are right for the fight today!

Have you ever seen a happier baby daddy?

She's a big girl in the bathtub!
 I hope your holiday is a joyous one!


krissy said...

Precious post Racheal. Keep enjoying it and I don't think she'll get to old to giggle with joy!

Anonymous said...

We have so much to be thankful for, especially pie-baking on Thanksgiving morning!! Sounds like fun, and I'm sure Sylvia will never tire of singing and dancing with her mama!
Love you,