Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We have a lot of fun around here, and for that, I must thank my husband.  Tonight I am thankful for the gift of laughter.  I was sitting with the Nugget on the couch earlier today and I asked Sylvain to open up the ottoman/toy chest to find her new teether.  He lifted the lid and I said, "Hey!  You could put on a little puppet show behind there!"  So, he grabbed a few stuffed animals and popped them up for Sylvia to see. 

He did his little show in French, of course, which made me think of the old fashioned puppet shows that you always see in movies.  You know, the ones where there's a dunce hitting an old lady in a scarf and the whole thing is performed in a park in Paris?  And the audience is filled with little boys in striped shirts and girls in pigtails and bows just giggling away!  That's the kind of show we had here this afternoon.  Except instead of boys and girls giggling, all we had was one, little, sweet Sylvia gut-laughing like I have never seen her laugh before.  I have no idea what his characters were saying, but there was a lot of rough-housing between the lamb and the rabbit, and then the KY Wildcat was called in, and I heard the word "spaghetti" over and over....your guess is as good as mine, but the Nugget LOVED it!  

As I sat there with a giggling girl on my lap, watching his little story, I started laughing so hard myself that I almost cried.  I almost cried out of sheer gratitude for that sweet moment.  I really don't see how life can get any better than this!


krissy said...

I love your discription "crying for sheer gratitude of the moment." Life is good.

krissy said...

oh, and enough of me pretending I'm going to get your camera strap done. If I didn't complete it before Hope I definitely won't get it done anytime soon. I'm so sorry for getting your hopes up. I don't have your address though would you e-mail it to me? Thanks! krissy@krissyspics.com