Monday, September 13, 2010

Sophie the Giraffe

Tonight, Mamie came over with Sylvain's cousin Laurianne and we had a lovely time together.  My pot roast was...okay.  Not great, but not terrible.  Good enough for a week night, that's for sure!  I got home around 5:30, we ate at 6:00, and after dinner Laurianne gave us a few gifts for Sylvia.  I luuuuuuuv getting gifts from France!  She gave us an adorable sweater dress for Sylvia to wear this fall and another DouDou (the bunny/blanket that Mamie gave her which she adores) and Sophie the Giraffe, otherwise know as - THE GREATEST TOY ON THE PLANET!!!!

Sylvia grabbed ahold of that silly giraffe, and wouldn't you know, she hasn't let go since.  It's the only squeaky toy she has, and the neck is just the right size for her little fist to wrap around.  And the ears.  Ooooh, the ears.  She can stick that giraffe's head in her mouth and gnaw on those glorious ears until her gums are numb, which given her current state of congestion and slight temperature, is probably just what the doctor ordered for her poor, teething self.  We might as well have given her a block of crack.

Sylvain, Laurianne and Brigitte were all talking about how they each had a Sophie the Giraffe when they were kids, so I picked up the little brochure that came with it and read the following information.  Sophie was created in 1961 as a new toy for teething babies, and her design has never changed.  She's basically the equivalent to the American rubber duckie!  She was intended to be an alternative to the farm animals and pet figures that were the only available toys back then, and she quickly became popular due to her squeakiness and her ability to be grasped by small fists.  Now, almost every child in Europe has a Sophie the Giraffe and I totally know why!  Sylvia loves it and we will treasure it forever....until Sylvain squeaks it in my face early on on a Saturday morning, at which point I might tear it in half.  Other than that, we'll treasure it always!  Sylvia absolutely loves it, and I'm so happy that she has (another) original French toy to add to her collection.  We are so blessed!


krissy said...

I wonder if you can find them online? What a neat gift.

Laura said...

So I read your post a few hours ago and I just sat down and was perusing a random catalog that came in the mail today -- and on the nursery necessities list No.3 was Sophie the Giraffe!!

the mama said...

Nicholas loves his Sophie the Giraffe!
Love hearing how your sweet baby is doing. Hope we get to visit again soon!