Saturday, September 4, 2010

For Grammy

Okay, so here's the deal.  My Mom is all about putting bows on little girls and I am not.  There, I said it.  I'm not a fan of bows.  I think they look adorable, but from the perspective of the baby, it seems like torture.  I figured I would just wait until Sylvia's big enough to tell me she wants a bow before I put one one her.  But then...she turned out to be bald.  Drat!  She has a few bows that I acquired as shower gifts, so every once in a while I put one on her head just to see how long I can stand it, and I always take it off after five minutes.  They make her face look fat.  And they make impressions in her skin, thus confirming my torture theory.  So, no bows for us.  Until...

I tried to dress her up for the UK game. 

Here's what she wore to day care yesterday:

I know, it's totally adorable.  It's the first time she's worn a t-shirt/jeans combo and the pink belt is the only indication that she is a girl, which to me, is not a big deal.  I thought it was totally precious, so I put it on her this morning.  We went to Lowe's and I was holding her as we walked into the store, super proud of my sweet little Kentucky Wildcat.  A pack of boy scouts stopped us to sell us some popcorn and one of the parents looked at Sylvia and said, I kid you not, "Hey, there BUDDY!"  Hmmm.  I tried to ignore it, but finally gave in.  Her big old bald head was just screaming for a bow.  And, like I said, the tiny ones we have at home make her head look fat, so I decided she must need a BIG one, like I've seen on other chubby-cheeked babies.  Something proportional or slightly larger than her own round face.  And something that would make my Mom shriek with delight when she saw it.  So I ran around town this morning looking for the perfect bow, and although I couldn't find exactly what I had in mind, I did find this...

I think she looks like a flapper, but darn it, that blue headband and giant flower are pretty freakin' cute, okay MOM?  ARE YOU HAPPY NOW???  It did make marks on her head when I took it off, so I decided we'll just wear it for UK games - when she's decked out in her sports gear that would otherwise prompt strangers to call her "buddy."  No one will call her buddy in this get up!  No sirree!

And on that note, THE CATS WON!!!  We had some friends over for the game and Sylvia loved it.  She had a blast watching TV (aka: the flashing light show).  I made hummus for the first half and a giant pot of chili for the second half, and we had boatloads of fun.  GO CATS!!

(Feedback on the giant flower headband would be greatly appreciated.  I do love it, but that first picture up there is just the cutest thing I've ever seen, although it might be because of her jazz hands.)


Meredith said...

SHE LOOKS ADORABLE! Haha - it's so funny that your reason is to offset the "boyish" outfits. That's exactly why I hopped on the internet last weekend and bought a bunch of bows for Clara. Her own FATHER said that she looked like a boy in her t-shirt and diaper.'s no secret that I am a huge fan of hairbows. The bigger the better. It's kind of unique up here; lots of little girls wear barettes, but the bows aren't as common. It's fun to get my girls as girly as I can while they're still young enough to put up with me. Also - when I was a little girl, I wanted to wear bows so badly. I thought they were beautiful, but my parents thought they looked silly. My mom bought me ONE and I wore that sucker every day of fourth grade (way too old for bows by then).

I can pass along some good websites for you if you're interested.

Joyce said...

She looks adorable, and so girlie!!! Celebrate your girl-hood Sylvia! Thanks Rach. Grammy, and Sylvia, love it!

Jennifer Wheeler said...

OH MY! I love it and if you had polled your blog audience beforehand I think I would have been in the "bows are not cool" category. However, seeing Sylvia's smiling face under that beautiful bow has completely changed my mind. She is the cutest wildcat around!

Anonymous said...

I love the bow!!! She's gotten so big so fast! What a beautiful baby girl --those eyes are gorgeous by the way.

Love and miss you all,