Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Nugget's Voice

As I mentioned in her four month letter, Sylvia has really found her voice.  I think it's the cutest babble on the planet and I could listen to it all day long.  Correction, I DO listen to it all day long, and it's glorious! 

This is another video that Sylvain recorded while I was setting up my classroom.  I decided that after this week, he (again) wins the husband of the year award, especially in the category of breastfeeding support.  Not only is he very good at warming up and giving her bottles, but today he brought her to school at lunch so I could feed her instead of pumping.  Then, when I was leaving school, I called him and he said, "Oh good, I was going to give her a bottle, but I'll try to just keep her busy until you get here."  Maybe he just didn't want to give her any more bottles today, but that meant that I didn't have to pump at all today and THAT is something to celebrate!  I hate pumping, I love a husband who appreciates a good boob.


Meredith said...

How could anyone watch this and not smile? How adorable! She's really having a serious conversation with her Daddy!

Anonymous said...

Aww, I love her little voice too! She is so sweet. :)

~Amanda H.

Sarah said...

Language nerd alert! I love that through a lot of it, she's imitating his intonation. I also happen to be fond of the word for frog.