Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lessons Learned

Well, the next time I get pregnant I'm doing (or NOT doing) two things:
1.  I'm not telling anyone my exact due date.
2.  I'm not getting any exams to find out if I'm dilated, and if I do, I'm not telling anyone else about it!  These stupid four - five centimeters can shove it; they're worthless without that hormone that starts contractions!

I have totally jinxed myself and now we're sitting around waiting for a baby to show up four days before her actual due date thinking something must be wrong, when really, everything is just fine!  I certainly don't mind all the attention, but my phone has been ringing off the hook and every time I log onto Facebook there's a message from my mother about how to induce labor and 16 notices from other people about "Why haven't you had that baby yet?"  I know everyone is excited, but I'm starting to feel like a failure!  She'll be here soon enough, people!  Quit freaking out!!

*Deep breaths.*  Okay, I feel better now.  I just have to remember: every day that goes by is just one more day I get to spend with my wonderful husband before she gets here.  Yes, it's one more day closer to the end of Spring Break and if I have to go back to school on Monday I might cry, but I'll do it and we'll be just fine.  Babies are born all the time; I won't be pregnant forever; she'll be here soon.  Soon.  Maybe not today or this week, but she can't stay in there until she's 18 (can she?).


Erin Lynne said...

Okay, so I've never been pregnant, so I don't really know, but I have been a fourth grade teacher, so I am weighing in here: DO NOT GO BACK TO WORK ON MONDAY! I mean seriously, even if she's not here. Don't do it. Your kiddos will be fine without you... =)

krissy said...

I've sooo been there Rach. Not fun. My first one came three weeks early and my last one was 5 days late. So essentially I waited 3 weeks and 5 days in agony of "any day now". But it's true, she will be here soon. If you want to borrow my three little ones they'll keep you distracted until she arrives. :-) I don't know if I agree with Erin. (sorry erin) If you feel okay and your husband is on board with it, going back might help the time pass... as long as you don't exhaust yourself or stress over your class.

Pocket said...

Oh, I'll definitely go back if it comes to that. If nothing else, I just need to save up the sick days, and as long as I'm feeling okay I want to be in my classroom. I think my kids would be a little disappointed - they're excited to get rid of me and have a sub! I just hope I don't have to because we'll have a baby by then!

Laura said...

oh I'm so sorry Rachael! I KNOW I've been one of those people calling every day to see how you're feeling and then today I had the audacity to text -- I'm sorry!! I'll be patient from here on out and just wait for you to call me - promise :)

Pocket said...

Laura, you are too funny! I totally don't mind the calls and texts, as long as folks don't mind me saying "no baby yet." I'd be doing the same if I were you!