Monday, April 26, 2010


We took baby Sylvia to my hometown last weekend to meet the family, and I have a LOT of family!  To make things a little easier on the wee one, we announced our arrival and told everyone that if they wanted to see her, they had to come to us.  Mom had a cookout on Saturday night and Dad had some folks over for lunch on Sunday.  Everyone, of course, was madly in love with Sylvia.  Sylvain and I didn't get a chance to hold her for HOURS, and it was kind of nice!  For a whole evening and afternoon I never had to worry about where she was or who was with her.  She was with family and I knew she was in good hands!  Being the terrible mother that I am, I didn't take ANY pictures, but Mom took a few and they are just precious:

This is my stepbrother's son, Charlie.  He is nine months old (we call him our "good luck" charm because we found out we were pregnant shortly after he was born)!  As soon as we sat Sylvia next to him he put both hands on her head and tried to eat her. 

Matt and I pose with our babies!  Mom just loves the fact that Jay's boy had a boy and her girl had a girl!  And tell me those aren't two of the happiest babies you've ever seen!

I have no pictures of the gathering at Dad's house, but if I can get my brother to email them to me, I'll post them soon.  My aunt was there with her three girls and they just LOVED holding Sylvia and playing with her.  They're really glad she's a girl!

All in all, it was a wonderful, busy weekend.  Sylvia slept pretty well at Mom's house, but when we got home last night, she slept for NINE HOURS straight!  Girl was worn OUT!

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Laura said...

I can't get over how BIG Charlie looks!! And you look WAY TOO GOOD to have a newborn at home!! yay for families that are close by!! glad you got to see everyone --