Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beautiful Weather

Well, spring is here and we are definately enjoying this awesome weather. Last weekend we went to the air show before Thunder Over Louisville and sat in the sunshine with Mom and Jay. We sat outside for dinner with Jordan and Joanie then came home and crashed on the couch. Heaven.

This weekend Chud went to Chicago with Ben and I went to Lexington to hang out with Emily. We went to a benefit for the Explorium and had a late dinner at Cheapside with lots of friends (and a surly server, but that's neither here nor there). Then today I went to Em's yoga class, we met Laura, Pete and Meredith at the Co-op for lunch, we stopped by Judy and Rod's, went to the mall, and saw Emily and Ben's new house! What a great day to run around Lexington and visit with all the people I miss so much!

We're looking forward to many beautiful weekends in our new house. Next weekend is the Derby Party and if you're planning to come, I promise it'll be a blast! The weekend after that we're having my family down for a barbeque, the weekend after that we're putting in a new patio (hopefully). Then, just a couple weeks after that, we're off to France for three weeks! This is the time of year that flies by, so I hope I can slow down enough to enjoy it.

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Laura said...

oh've not blogged in so are we to know what happened at your Derby Party?