Monday, May 25, 2009

Strawberries in the Jar

Spent some time on Jordan's back porch tonight, listening to him and his buddies play music: three guitars, two banjos, a mandolin, a fiddle, an upright bass, some spoons and lots of smiles! I came home tonight and wrote this in my journal so I thought I'd share it:

Guitar pickin' moonshine
Sittin' on the porch
Friends shakin' hands
Sharin' beers and hearts

Chicken burnin' on the grill
Family and friends eatin' late
Pass around the strawberry jar
And give it a good shake

Take turns playin'
Lighting bugs passin'
through the music in the air

Pass around the strawberry jar
Somebody start a song
Voices melt into the night
Light fruity moonshine on our tongues

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