Monday, February 23, 2009

Cutting Back

Ever since Sunday, I've been trying to think of something meaningful to "give up" or do for Lent. Every year I try it and every year I fail, but this year I thought of something pretty good. Brace yourselves...I'm giving up Blogging!

On my way home from work I was going over my mental "to do" list of things around the house. Dinner, dishes, laundry, grading...Then I decided nah, I'll just check my blogs and play on Facebook. That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks - I've been spending at least an hour on-line every night! Sometimes I multi-task and grade papers or watch TV while blogging, but my computer is always on and always near my lap. It's time to stop.

The more I thought about it, the more excited I got. Now Chud and I may actually talk to each other at night. Now I may actually pick up the phone and call my friends instead of stalking their Facebook pages and blogs. Now I might get to do some of the things that have been waiting to get done forever - organizing the basement, painting the toe strip, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Yes, it will be hard. In fact, I predict that by Thursday evening I might be rocking back and forth while I crouch in a corner. But that's the biggest reason why I need to do this. I'm pretty addicted to the internet, so I need to learn to live without it. Therefore, after April 12th, I'll (hopefully) be able to use it in moderation. Just like everything else in life, right?

So, to the two or three people that follow my blog, I'll check my comments for the last time tomorrow night. As of Wednesday, you'll have to call me or email me if you want to know what's going on in my life. And if anything extraordinary happens to us, I'm going to dust off the old journal and write it with pencil and paper. Remarkable, I know. I also know that friendship is a two-way street, so expect some evening phone calls from yours truly!

Have a Happy Easter, everyone! See you on April 12th!


Redhead Runner said...

Um...yeah....just like I'm going to give up pooing for lent, and we'll see how well that goes.

Laura said...

oh my gosh, Rachael!!! we talk on the phone several times a week already and I will STILL miss your blog!! I like hearing the extra things you and Chud have been up to, seeing your pictures, you won't even be able to tell about our exciting Saturday afternoon!!! (Pete, btw, can't believe I'm upset)

Meredith said...


I'll miss you.

I think I am online too much, but I enjoy it. My rule is to stick to my kid's bedtime and naptime for Internet time. I like to think it is better than drooling at the TV, but last week I started bringing the laptop into bed so I could watch TV and do Internet stuff AT THE SAME TIME. IT'S SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL!!!

Also - do you use a feed-reader? It helped me cut back on the anount of time I spend checking blogs everyday. There's no need to check - my reader lets me know as soon as there is a new post.

Pocket said...

Sniff sniff...goodbye friends.

No, I've never used a feed reader because I like going to all my blogs and checking them out...every night...all night. It's really a hassle. The more I thought about this idea today, the more I'm really scared to do it, yet looking forward to it at the same time. So, without further ado, I'm signing off! See you in April, blogger buddies!

Redhead Runner said...

It's Easter Dammit! Give us a new blog!