Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm a Big Fan of Cupcakes

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! While I don't particularly think the entire free-world should celebrate this day...and while I firmly believe we should celebrate our loved ones every day of the year...I do have to admit that I kind of love flowers and cards and candy and a nice dinner out! Since we're going to Lexington tomorrow, Chud and I decided to celebrate V-Day tonight.

Last weekend he said to me, "I know how much you love surprises, so I have a surprise planned for Valentine's Day. One of my kids mentioned it and I thought you'd like it." Well, you can imagine what kind of suspense-filled week I had, and I LOVED it! The husband doesn't usually "do" surprises, because he hates them, so I thought this was wonderful.

After school, we came home and I gave him my gift (a couple DVD's of movies he's always trying to catch on TV) and he gave me flowers (another sweet gesture since he always proclaims to hate cut flowers), then we got ready for dinner and headed out. He said we had to go to "the surprise" before dinner because the place closes at six. Here were my thoughts: a manicure/pedicure/spa something-or-other, a wine tasting something-or-other, or a candy/chocolate store of some sort. We were driving down Lexington Road when he pointed to a building and said, "There it is!"

I shrieked with joy as he parked the car. I ran inside to find numerous delicacies in cake form. What a wonderful treat! I ate a "Raspberry Razzle Dazzle:" a chocolate cake with raspberry filling topped with a chocolate raspberry icing, and then we ordered a box of six cupcakes to share with friends tomorrow. I have to say, the husband really outdid himself this time! Hooray for Valentine's Day!
Check out the cupcake shoppe online!

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Laura said...

WOW! what a great Valentine's treat -- that place looks great!