Monday, August 25, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Our home inspection went very well today and it looks like we'll be moving around the end of September/early October. We are SO excited! Here are some inside pics for those of you that haven't seen them yet. You do have to look past the wallpaper and decor choices of the sellers - but cut 'em a break, they've been there for fifty years. (Emily wants dibs on the bedroom with the rosary!)

Back bedroom.

Master bedroom - look at those floors!

Front bedroom.


front porch
living room and dining room, seen as you walk in the front door

living room and picture window! Hellloooo Christmas Tree!
That's my mom and our Realtor chattin' it up in the kitchen. Notice the tiny cabinet with a window full of matching wallpaper!

steps to the basement

Basement - Don't worry, they're leaving the light fixtures!


Family said...
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Laloo said...

Wacho! The house looks great! I will call you tomorrow -- I promise! Mon & Tues have been BEYOND busy -- so we have lots to catch up on!