Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Albert: 2 Months

Friends, I've got something to say:

Albert is a totally awesome baby!  Here are his 2 month stats (a week and one day late, but whatever).

Height: 21.5 inches; 2nd %ile (no one knows how to accurately measure a newborn Fasciotto baby)
Weight: 10 lbs, 2 oz; 5th %ile (we're little.  It's fine)
Head circumference: 15.25 in.; 34th %ile (he and Margot have GIANT HEADS!)

Likes:  Mamas milk!  Napping in unsafe places and positions, his cow pull toy (especially in the car when the girls take turns pulling on it), faces and high pitched voices, songs, baths, snugly blankets.

Dislikes: sitting in a dirty diaper, being left alone, when Margot lays on top of him, tummy time, the first 30 seconds of a bath.

Greatest accomplishment:  The boy is SLEEPING IN HIS OWN BED!  He still wakes up twice a night to eat, but darn it, he went and jumped into that crib before I could say, "Waaaiiitt!!!  You're too little and I'll MISS YOU!!!!"  I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed sleeping right next to my baby, but the time has come and alas, he seems to love his crib every bit as much as his bassinet. 

Eating:  you know what?  I feed him whenever.  Not even "whenever he wants," just....whenever.

Sleeping:  His  nighttime sleep is getting pretty regular - nursing at 8:30, in bed around 9:00.  He wakes up between 12:00 and 1:00 for a feeding and again around 4:00 or 5:00.  Since moving to his crib, Sylvain has agreed to act as "Chief Soothing Consultant" if Albert wakes up before those times, but so far, he hasn't.  It's only been two nights, so here's hoping tonight goes as smoothly!  As for napping, I laugh in the face of naps because he's the third child, so he naps....whenever.  Today he had a good morning nap in the crib but the rest of the day he napped in his car seat or in his bassinet or in my arms.  Whatever.  He's fine.

Life with Albert:  Somehow he's the most popular AND the most overlooked member of our family!  The girls still love him to death, but the honeymoon phase is OVER and they are both competing for our attention in the most clever ways imaginable.  Sylvia (who hasn't bitten anyone since she was two years old) bites Margot multiple times a day.  And Margot wakes up from every nap crying and needing to "snuggle on couch" in order to calm down.  She also likes to bite Sylvia and pull her hair.  Because how else would you get an adult to scream your name, right??  Most days I feel like I've lost control of a three ring circus and the lions are eating the elephants while the clowns wait patiently in the crib...I mean, corner...until I can attend to them. But then there are the sweet moments: Margot says, "I wuv you Mommy," at bedtime in the middle of our song.  Sylvia shows Margot how to move her game piece in Candy Land and shows an INFINITE amount of patience while Margot tries to follow her directions. 

Sylvia smiles this when I lay Albert next to her on her pillow.  This smile says, "Oh my gosh!  You're putting him in MY BED!  And he's HAPPY!  And I LOVE HIM SO MUCH OH MY GOSH THIS IS TOTALLY HAPPENING!!!!!"

There are so many small moments of my day that make this three kid gig AMAZING, but they are peppered in the middle of UTTER CHAOS....and exhaustion.  Lucky for me, these kids are cute and I already know that it gets better. 

Thank God for coffee and my amazing husband.

And grandparents.

And cute baby smiles.

And more coffee.

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Jennifer said...

Love the update and your sweet family!