Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mama and Papa

I haven't written a post for the 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me series since the end of May!  Now is a good time to write this one, though.  I'm supposed to describe my relationship with my spouse.

I've started and stopped this post quite a few times recently, probably because it's tough to describe a relationship that's been changing and growing for the last ten years!  Here's what it boils down to:

I fell in love with Daddy ten years ago because, after countless boyfriends and relationships, he was the first person to treat me the way I should be treated.  He didn't treat me like crap AND he didn't treat me like a princess.  He treated me like Rachael Humbert.  He respected my opinions and felt comfortable disagreeing with them.  It helped that he was also French.  And ridiculously good looking.  And funny.  But mostly, he treated me with respect.

Today, those are things that keep us together.  We respect each other, we treat each other fairly, and we're not afraid to communicate honestly and openly to one another.  We don't expect each other to reach unattainable goals and we celebrate every small glory we can find in each other.  We try to make each other laugh and we try to find the humor in our less than glamorous lives.  We give each other lots of forgiveness and grace, particularly when sleep deprivation is involved (like right now while Albert and Mommy are up partying all night.  Daddy is good about letting us sleep in and he doesn't make me feel guilty for trying to fold the same damn basket of laundry for two days).

As we've grown together, it has become evident that I chose my partner wisely.  Your daddy is the BEST daddy any kid could ever have and I mean that sincerely, from the bottom to the top of my whole heart!  When I run out of fuel, he's there to keep us all trucking along.  When I'm at the end of my rope, he's already standing on firm ground.  I watch him play with you, tease you, tickle you, wrestle with you, tell jokes to you.  It melts my heart - but all dads do that.  I know your daddy is the best because I watch him comfort you when you're upset.  I watch him cook your favorite meals.  He can bathe you and put you to bed faster and with more fun and flare than I could ever hope to replicate.  I watch him kiss you goodbye and hug you hello and I know...I just KNOW that he was meant for me and for you.  I ask you all the time, "Where'd you get that Daddy?" but the truth is, none of us would trade him for the world!

So how would I describe our relationship?  Our relationship is fluid and constantly changing.  Our relationship is honest.  Our relationship is hard and we work on it every day.  Our relationship is one of my greatest accomplishments and our relationship has produced three of the world's finest beings: you guys!  We love you to death and we are convinced that, for better or worse, a healthy married relationship is our gift to you.  You're welcome!

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Pocket said...

From Grammy:
As your mommy's mommy, I feel the need to comment. Your mommy was smitten from the start. When she first talked about meeting your daddy, I could tell this was "the one." I just prayed whoever this guy was felt the same about her. Thank goodness it was mutual. I have to say, I was a bit worried about the kind of daddy he would be; he was never around little ones much, and didn't pay them much attention when he was. But he has turned out to be an A+++ daddy. You got the best parents in the world, my little Fasciotto grandkids. You, and all of us, are blessed that God gave them to us!