Saturday, May 24, 2014

Little Middle Margot

I have one more vacation post to write, and I'm WAY behind on starting my sappy baby letters for the little boy, but I don't care about any of those tonight because all I want to write about it Margot.  She's also long overdue for an update, so here it goes.

Dear Miss Margot,

I think you've helped me find my favorite age.  It's 2.  Or just before 2.  I forgot how awesome 20-24 months was for Sylvia, but you are every bit as awesome as she was at this stage.  You're still so tiny, with short little arms that can barely touch when you try to reach them over your giant head.  You have the most beautiful dark eyes and hair, which set you completely apart from your big sister.  Your hair is barely growing at all in the back, but it's quickly reaching down to your nose in the front, so we pull your bangs to the side every day with a little pony tail and a bow, usually your favorite "M Bow," and you look absolutely darling.  You smile and you laugh at almost anything and anyone, but Sylvia still elicits the most joyous gut laughs we ever get to hear from you.  You are also thrilled by anything on four legs, especially dogs, and apparently goats, now that we've been to a goat farm!

Today I had the pleasure of spending all day with you, and you have become so much fun to talk to.  You understand everything I say and everything Daddy says, which is impressive!  Just a couple of months ago I was worried about your language skills, but suddenly you took off and now you're chatting up a storm.  My favorite phrase of yours is one that you say 1,000 times a day..."Okay, Mommy!  Okaaaaay."  You seem to be a Mommy-pleaser at the moment and I will not complain about that!  You do everything I ask you to do with an "Okay, Mommy!" and you answer every command and question with "Okay!"  You repeat everything we say, too, which is always fun because we love to hear you talk.

Other favorite phrases include, "Thank you, Mommy, Thank you" or "Merci, Papa, Merci,"  "Welcome!" "Where'd _____ go?" (as you hold up your hands and look at us for help, unless it's something you hid on purpose, then you try to look at us without smiling and laughing but you never can pull it off), "Oh no!" "Bye bye, KC!" (every time we pass Gina's house), "Mommy baby?" (as you point to my belly - yes, there's a baby in there, same as yesterday), "I want ___________." (usually strawberries, blueberries or milk). 

You love to color and play outside with the chalk.  Sometimes Sylvia doesn't put her markers away quickly enough and if you get to them first, you like to draw on your own face!  Speaking of putting things away, cleaning up messes is your favorite thing to do.  Sometimes you dump out a bucket full of toys or crayons, just so you can say, "Clean up!" or "Uh-oh, made MESS!" and start putting it all back.  You also love to read books and you are often seen dragging books out of your room and following someone around until they agree to read to you.  And if no one can read to you, you're usually content to just plop down on the bean bag or lean against the ottoman and "read" to yourself. 

You can identify all of your capital letters, which was a huge surprise to me because Daddy and I have never tried to teach you that!  You were saying letter names before you were really saying anything else at all and we were stunned!  We've determined that you've probably watched too much Super Why or played too many iPad games, but if that's how quickly you pick that stuff up, then so be it!  Since we discovered your hidden talent, we like to practice it as much as possible, but I've had a hard time getting your genius caught on video!  You also love to count and can usually count to about 14, but you're still skipping some numbers every once in a while.  You love to sing the last word of every line in a song, and your favorite songs right now are ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle, Let it Go, Who's My Pretty Baby, and Goodnight My Margot. 

When ever you're excited or happy, you tend to run around in a circle and stomp your feet while laughing like a maniac, or shouting "yay! yay! yay!!!"  You also do this when anyone asks you to dance.  It's one of my favorite things to watch.  You love to run and race yourself anywhere we go.  When we get out of the car in a parking lot, you hold my hand, stand really still and shout, "Mark, set....GO!" then we run as fast as you can to the doors while you scream and laugh.  You are so much fun, Margot.  So much fun.

Daddy and I could not have asked for a better little girl.  Your snuggles and hugs and kisses are priceless and I still enjoy every second of rocking you and singing you to sleep.  I know things are about to change when the little boy arrives, but I'm sure you and Sylvia will handle it in stride and be the best big sisters our little guy could hope for.  He's one lucky baby!  Thanks for being adorable and awesome and amazing.  We love you!

Forever and ever,

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