Saturday, May 10, 2014

30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me

I need another project like I need a hole in my head, but I love this idea, so I'm starting it tonight!  The details are here, and the first one doesn't seem so daunting.  There are some others that might take a while, but I think I can do this one pretty quickly and without much pain or tears.  Then again, I cry about everything lately, so we'll see.  Here we go, kids:

20 Random Facts About Me
1.  I'm afraid of the dark and I HATE sleeping alone.
2.  I am really good at roller skating.  I'll always be faster than you.
3.  I'm better at starting things than I am at finishing them.
4.  I prefer to shop alone.
5.  I love listening to Daddy read French philosophy books out loud.  I have no idea what he's saying, I just love the sound.
6.  When given the choice to do anything or sleep, I will always choose sleep.  Sorry.
7.  I've never broken a bone or had stitches.
8.  I used to think any church song with the word "rejoice" in it was a song about Grammy, because her name is Joyce.
9.  I didn't want to go to UK until my second visit there. 
10. I used to love snakes and even owned a couple, but now they creep me out.
11.  I'm still waiting for Joey McIntyre to propose to me.
12.  Grandma Neltner says we're related to Maria Von Trapp somehow. 
13.  I can never find my keys.
14.  I hate the beach.
15.  I'm a really bad cheerleader because I prefer to cheer for both teams.
16.  I speak much better French after two or three glasses of wine, although I still only speak in the present tense.
17.  When I was little, I used to close my eyes and pray to God that when I opened then, I'd be a famous actress in California.  I'm really glad that didn't work out.
18. Grandpa and Daddy have both tried to teach me to drive a stick shift.  They both gave up.
19.  I've always been good at soliciting donations for one cause or another.
20. I believe in tolerance and equality.  For everyone.  Everywhere.  Always and forever.

I did it!  No tears.  That wasn't so bad. 

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