Friday, April 18, 2014

A Couple Snapshots

I'll get to the nitty gritty moments soon, but two important snapshots are in my head and need to be remembered:

After spending five days with Sylvain's dad, stepmom and sister, we left St. Florent and went to stay with his cousin in Lagnieu, 4 hours away.  The girls seemed to warm up to "Papi and Mamie Nelly" well enough while we were there, so we didn't really think it was necessary to explain to Sylvia that we'd be seeing Papi and Mamie Nelly again, but we didn't tell her we wouldn't either.  On our second day in Lagnieu, Papi arrived for lunch and as he approached Sylvia, who was sitting at the table coloring, her face LIT UP and she started to giggle in a way I've never heard her giggle before.  She was clearly excited to see him.  More excited than I ever thought she would be after spending such a small amount of time with him.  He made quite an impression on her.  Nelly came next and the response was the same.  She was so happy to see them.  It made my heart melt and I got a little weepy at the thought of leaving.

Yesterday, when we arrived at the airport, my mom was there to pick us up.  I was so happy to see her.  I realized that my husband only gets to feel this way once every four or five years.  I suddenly felt guilty for being "home."  As we waited for our luggage, Mom and Sylvia sat together, and in her sugar-induced, jet-lagged delirium, Sylvia could not stop talking.  She was hardly making any sense at all, just jabbering on and on about the flowers and the food....then I turned around to check on her and I saw her hold her hand out to the side, palm up to emphasize her next point, tilt her head to the side and shout at my mom, "....and my Daddy's Daddy is SOOOO FUNNY!!!"  Mom said, "He is?  Did you have fun with him?"  Sylvia pointed to Sylvain and said, "Yeah.  It's HIS Daddy.  And he's just as funny as MY daddy is!"  Mom laughed and looked at me wide-eyed.  It was obvious that Sylvia had a good time.  And that she was crazy tired.

Jet lag has hit the Fasciottos pretty hard, friends!  Sylvain is fast asleep and the girls have been a mess all day!  I'm wide awake and working on pictures, which I'm uploading onto a tumblr account here:

I'll be sure to post all the details soon, especially about flying with two kids.  I'm no expert, but I learned a thing or two and can't wait to write about it.  

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