Saturday, May 4, 2013

Our Flying Piglet!

It's no secret to anyone who has met her that Sylvia likes to RUN.  She never walks anywhere and sometimes we let her run ahead of us a bit farther than we should because we always get concerned looks from other adults in public when they realize that the speeding munchkin who passed them 50 yards ago wasn't alone but must belong to us.  She runs circles around the dinner table, she runs up and down the street, she runs through the halls at school, she runs everywhere she goes!  At least once a week her running involves an epic face plant, and now that the weather is warm and she's wearing shorts and skirts, that means she has a permanent set of scraped knees.  She gets that from me.

Back in February I found out that The Flying Pig Marathon (which is a HUGE deal here in Cincinnati) was holding a Flying Piglet Fun Run for tiny tots like mine who love to run!  I signed that girl up the minute I found out and marked our calendar!  My only reservation was the 1:15 start time, which is dangerously close to the sacred double-child afternoon nap, also known as The Only Way Mama Can Hang On To Her Sanity.  I figured we'd just make it a late nap and cross our fingers that it worked.  It worked just fine (although, as I type this at 9:20 pm Sylvia's upstairs doing gymnastics in her bed, so I can't proclaim the late nap a success quite yet).

The Reynolds' family joined us for an afternoon of bridge walking, riverside picnicking, and of course - kid racing!  It was really, super fun.  The Dads had it worse than The Moms, though, because they had to stand in the corral of whiny children, shoulder to shoulder with other strung out parents wondering why they chose to force their child to skip a nap.  When our girls finally got to the starting line, they were all smiles!  And Sylvia was very impressed with her medal and her goodie bag of treats she received after finishing! 

Buddies getting ready to cross the Purple People Bridge

Best seats in the house.

At the starting line!  Cici is skeptical.

The lady in the pink has the microphone and she's asking Sylvia if she's going to run fast!

And they're off!

Go, Nugget, Go!

Approaching the finish line!

One Happy Piglet

Way to go, girls!
I totally would have signed Margot up for the Diaper Dash, but in February she wasn't crawling yet and as of today she's only been crawling proficiently for about a week!  That girl is not in a hurry to go anywhere (and I'm GLAD)!  She had a dandy time sitting in the grass and watching her big sister run like the wind!  It was a beautiful day with good friends.  Now it's off to bed so we can wake up early and watch the REAL Flying Pig tomorrow morning....if the Flying Piglet upstairs ever falls asleep.

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Jennifer said...

Too cute! What a fun event, I love her skirt!