Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Girls

Maybe the hint of summer around the corner has me in a good mood, but lately I've been praying for time to stop and my girls to FREEZE in the moment!  Margot is starting to interact more and more with Sylvia every day - the other night she swiped a toy from Sylvia's hand for the first time ever - on purpose - and we all did a double take.  She also started putting her toy basketballs into a hoop and then clapping because she's soooo proud of herself.  She likes to "sing" when anyone else is singing, which means she babbles and yells and tries to be louder than us, which is hilarious.  But my favorite part of this age is watching them snuggle.  Sometimes, when I'm nursing Margot before bed, Sylvia will tiptoe into her room, sneak up to the side of the rocking chair and coo, "Awww.....she's so cute!" Then she'll give Margot a little kiss on the head and say, "Nigh-night Margot.  I love you."

And my heart becomes a puddle of goo.

Here are some "keeping it real" pictures:

Ignore the fact that it's 4:00 in the afternoon and she's wearing her pajama top with black leggings.  Instead, pay attention to that ponytail and those rocking bangs!  My girl is getting so big...

Saturday, after I put Margot down for a morning nap, I couldn't find Sylvia and the house was quiet - never a good sign.  I discovered her in her room, putting her stuffed animals down for a nap, tucking them in with her and reading to them from her gigantic princess story book.  Usually I feel like I'm putting her on hold while I tend to Margot, so I asked her if she wanted to play and she said, "No thank you.  I'm reading to my friends."  So I grabbed my camera instead and took some pictures!

Sylvia picked out a Mother's Day cake from Kroger, one of those bigger-than-a-cupcake-but-not-as-big-as-a-real-cake deals.  She was VERY excited to eat it after dinner on Saturday, and Sylvain was working, so I broke out the fancy French dessert plates and we had a lovely girls-only Mother's Day celebration!  She painted her hands with icing.  Margot and I actually ate the cake.

Two things about Margot: 1) She's losing her mohawk and it kind of makes me a little bit sad. 2) She's still wearing these adorable jammies (sized 9 months!) that used to belong to Sylvia.  I was sad when Sylvia grew out of them so I'm kind of glad Margot is teeny tiny enough to still wear them.  They are SO COZY!

Sleepy Baby!

I did my best to capture a profile so I could make a one-year silhouette of Miss Margot.  Look at those sweet cheeks! 

And finally, here's the funniest picture I've ever seen.  Sylvia and I were snuggling on the couch watching Poppy Cat (which has now become a part of her bedtime routine...sigh).  Sylvia was snuggled on top of me, which never happens anymore, so I asked Sylvain to grab the camera and take a picture.  The camera was within reach, so in the ten seconds it took him to get the camera, Sylvia decided snuggle time was over and this happened....
I got smacked in the head and she fell off the couch!  Not our greatest moment.  But worth capturing, I think.

Finally, since I'm keeping it real tonight and hoping to remember what life was like in May of 2013, I guess it's worth noting that Sylvain's job at CCHS was not renewed for next school year.  We have mixed feelings about this turn of events.  On the one hand, losing a job stinks.  On the other hand, he's been contemplating a change for some time, so this is a good way to get out of a job he didn't love and move on to bigger and better things.  What those bigger and better things are, we have no idea.  But I have faith in him and in God's plan for him, so I know that whatever happens will be the BEST for us and our family.  I just hope that something happens soon because not knowing what's coming is a tiny bit stressful for a Type A Control Freak like me.  Any day now, God.  We'd love to know your plan.  We'll wait patiently but....pick up the pace, will ya?

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