Monday, July 9, 2012


I don't think Margot and Sylvia look alike AT ALL, but check out their newborn pics:

Margot Louise

Sylvia Joyce
I tried to pick two pictures with similar poses, meaning they're both asleep and neither one has a squooshed-up face.  Some would argue that ALL newborn babies look alike but I totally disagree.

Here are some differences you might not notice:
1.  Cheeks!  Sylvia's cheeks were HUGE.  Margot's face is much wider across that Sylvia's, her's was round because of her chunky cheeks.
2.  Head shape.  Sylvia's head was pointy and long, Margot's is a round little melon.
3.  Nose.  Sylvia has her Daddy's nose, Margot has mine.
4.  Feet!  Margot has gigantic feet, even for a baby.
5.  Eyes and Mouth.  I wish I had a picture of Margot with her eyes open because her whole face screams "Neltner" to me - that's my Mom's side of the family.  Although, Margot may end up with a set of Humbert eyes (dark brown, thick eyebrows), but only time will tell.

I have another post planned in which I'll write about the incredible differences in personalities between this baby and the first one.  It's unreal!  Until then, keep scrolling back and forth between these two beauties and tell me I'm not the luckiest Mama in the whole wide WORLD!

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krissy said...

If you want any pictures of Margot in the regular black and white just let me know which ones (use the file number) and I'll email them to you. Just in case you want them to match. :-)