Thursday, June 7, 2012


Well, it took much longer than I expected, but I FINALLY finished the baby room this week.  I just kept coming up with little things to find or make or set up, and technically I still have an empty bookshelf to take care of, but that will work itself out.  Anyway, here are a few long awaited pics!

I'm totally in love with the Blue Dusk color and white chair rail!  I found those sweet curtains and matching blanket at Ikea, which not only matched the wall color but also had lots of the coral-ish pink color I used on the dresser, so it was a no they were CARAZY cheap.  Sylvain rehung the curtain rod "high and wide" so the curtains could take up most of that space on the wall and make the window look bigger than it really is.  On the right side are two picture frames that just have cute cards in them from some of my showers for Sylvia, so that was free art.  The flower canvas above the crib came from The Christmas Tree Shoppe (which has nothing to do with Christmas - go figure) and it was also a heck of a deal.  I made the polka dot crib skirt out of another Ikea curtain, which took all of thirty minutes and was so easy that I made another one out of a sheet for Sylvia's room!  Then of course, there's my cherished glider/rocking chair.  Sometimes Sylvia and I climb into the rocker and talk about where the baby will sleep and what the baby will play with and what a great big sister Sylvia will be.  I love that chair so much.

Mom and I found that awesome coral colored ottoman at Burlington Coat Factory in the clearance section, and since it has a tiny tear in the back corner, she haggled them for another 10% off, or something like that - because she's a gosh darn PROFESSIONAL shopper!  It'll be the perfect spot to set my phone and my glass of water while I'm nursing, and I love that it's big enough for Sylvia to sit on and watch so she can be a part of the new baby action.  I also love anything that doubles as extra storage!  It currently houses all of the 12 month and younger toys in our house.  We'll see how long it stays that organized. 

Here's my favorite part of the whole room!

There's my coral dresser that took FOR.EV.ER to repaint, but gosh, was it worth it!  There's nothing like a $0.00 piece of furniture!  Well, I guess it cost about $30 for the paint, varnish and fixtures, but that's next to nothing these days!  I also made the ribbon mobile and I think it's pretty darn cute.  I found the mirror and tiny picture frame at Hobby Lobby, and the letter M at Babies R Us. (There's a big fat hint at the baby name for ya!  Unless I see you in person between now and then, you'll just have to wait!  Ha ha!!) I found that cute lamp at Target on clearance, but it might not stay there for long.  It'll probably find it's way to the top of the bookshelf at some point.  I'm also not crazy about the bright blue towel under the changing pad, but it works for now.  I might try to find a lighter blue one later.  OH!  And see the baby booties hanging in the picture frame?  Those are from my very first Christmas in 1981!  My Mom swears that my Grandma Neltner knitted them for me as a Christmas ornament, but Grandma insists that she did no such thing.  I don't know who to believe, but I know they are pretty stinking cute.  They've been at the very top of my Christmas tree ever since I moved out, but now they're in baby M_____'s room and that might be where they stay!

So, the baby room is fully furnished, decorated and stocked.  The dresser and closet and full of sweet girl clothes and tiny sleepers and swaddling blankets.  Our hospital bags are packed and the grandparents are on "stand by" to sweep in and take care of Sylvia when the time comes.  We have less than three weeks to our due date and I can finally say that I feel "ready!"  Not just ready, but cool, calm and collected - very much the opposite of how I felt about a month ago.  Phew!  I knew we'd make it.  Now we just have to w....a....i....t........


krissy said...

I love it!! I really like the blue. The picture over the bed is amazing! And, maybe you've already thought of this, but if you have a baby boy one day, you won't have to repaint. :-)

Laura said...

oh my gosh - I can't believe she's almost here!!! Time flies. The room looks great - good job you :)

Rachael Koontz said...

The room looks beautiful!