Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter - long overdue

I finally have time tonight to catch up on Easter.  I didn't want to put Easter pics at the end of the birthday post, so here they are, a week late!

The Easter bunny was very generous to Miss Sylvia.  Stampers, bubbles, bunny ears, and a new book.  Hooray!

After church, we had brunch at Mom's house with the Eibens.  Sylvia and Charlie are finally old enough to love the idea of hunting for baskets and eggs!  They had a ball together.

Our attempt at a grand baby picture.  Someday this will work.

Getting rowdy on the back porch swing.

The Easter Bunny hid a basket here, too!

Chasing bubbles in the front yard.


How many did you get?

Open egg, eat jelly bean, repeat.

Next we took the kids down to the city Easter egg hunt and let me tell you something - that was not a good idea.  I knew it was risky because it started at 1:00, which is roughly nap time for the Nugget.  The mayor made all the kids wait...and wait...and wait...and THEN he let the older kids go first!  The poor toddlers had NO idea what was going on, all they knew is that other kids were lining up and they had to wait...and wait...and wait.  Meltdown city.  Total disaster.  EVENTUALLY the toddlers were allowed to dive into their section of the field (at least they had their own area), and I thought Sylvia would be a little hesitant or scared or....

No.  She took off.  Just like every other 2-4 year old.  Once they were let loose, they had a BALL!


Charlie comforts Sylvia after an overwhelming jaunt in the egg field.
And that was only the first half of our day!  We went home, Sylvia took a loooong nap, she ate a sandwich when she woke up, and we were off to my Grandma's house for dinner and egg hunt #3, of which I have no pictures because by that point in the day I was DONE.  I'm really glad I was able to squeeze in that sandwich, because other than that, she ate chocolate and jelly beans ALL day.  Oh well.  I'll update our eating adventures in another post, let's just say Easter Sunday spiraled into a sugar-induced meltdown...from ME.  I'll also just say that after a week of sticking to our guns, we now have a child who eats dinner.  But that's neither here nor there, the point is - Easter was FUN!

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