Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Eggs and Riot Police

How does one's day go from this:

To this?

I will tell you!  Spring Break Day One:

I took Sylvia to an easter egg hunt at Madonna Manor yesterday morning.

She loved collecting eggs from the residents...

...and they loved seeing all the kids in their Easter outfits!

In one of her eggs, Sylvia found a fluffy chick, which meant she WON this prize!  Tons of toys and candy - right before her birthday.  Just what this girl needs, right?

Yesterday afternoon, we left Sylvia at Mom's house and drove to Lexington to watch the BIG GAME with the Crawfords and the Wheelers.

We had plenty of food!  Laura's Blue Velvet cake was AMAAAZING!

They boys are ready for the game.

I made blue rice krispie treats.  There were Baby Cakes cupcakes, and Jen made cookies.  Yum!

Ellie was decked out in her UK tutu.

How cool is that CAKE??  Most of us couldn't eat it until after the game because we were too NERVOUS!  It was a great celebratory cake, though.  I'm sure blue velvet cake tastes terrible if you lose.

All week, Sylvain had been begging me to go with him to Euclid and Woodland if we won the game.  Police had shut down the streets earlier that day.  I did NOT want to go...

...oh, but I'm SO GLAD I did!  It was CARAZY!!

College kids are NUTS!

Screaming and shouting and "GO CATS!" everywhere you turned.

It was a family friendly event, at least early on in the evening.  Where else will you see a kid breakdancing in the street?!

There were lots of these guys around, but they weren't too scary.  Some seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Riot police on horses!

Then these guys started shooting bottle rockets.  I couldn't take the moustachioed man very seriously, but he was very serious about causing trouble.  I just wanted pictures.

These old guys asked me to take their picture.  Facial hair and beer bellies.  Go Big Blue!

This guy was riding around on a homemade...go cart?  wheel chair?  roadster vehicle?  I don't know, but his face was blue, his flag pole was long, and the cops made him leave. 

And that was the end of our Spring Break Day One!  We were on the road by 10:00 and asleep by midnight!  Apparently there were lots of couch burnings and car fires in other parts of Lexington, which I'm sure happened much later in the evening, but we managed to find a pretty exciting party in the streets.  Just enough people to have fun, but not so many people that I was scared.  I just had a whole lotta fun!  I'm glad the hubs talked me into it and I'm SO glad I thought to bring my camera.  Now we just have to make it through Monday night to see if we'll be CHAMPIONS!  I think we'll be watching that game from the comfort and safety of our own couch.  Which will NOT be set on fire after the game.


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