Friday, October 21, 2011

A Year and A Half!

Dirty face from eating all her supper.  Bumps and bruises all over her clumsy head.  Clutching onto Daddy's leg as he snaps the camera at just the right moment.  Melt my heart.

Sylvia's talking like crazy now, and she's saying so many words that only we can decipher.  I don't know if she's speaking French or English, because it all comes out as a sort of controlled babble with lots of inflection and facial expressions that help quite a bit.  There are quite a few words anyone could understand (nigh-night, bye-bye, Mama, Dada, choo choo, etc.), and a lot of her words are just the beginning sounds of words.  For example, "muh" means milk, "reh" means red, and so on.  But...sometimes she comes up with the weirdest way to say something and I wanted to write a couple of her weird words down before I forgot:

airplane = "nay nay"
Nolan = "Nah-noe"
Cecilia = "Ya ya"
She spent most of her morning asking for Nah-noe.  When she found out he wasn't going to be at the sitter's house, she went up to my Aunt Patty, threw her arms in the air, palms up, and questioned, "Uh Nah-noe ooooh?"  Which clearly means, "Where'd Nolan go?"

Another funny story:  Sylvain ate a piece of pizza and set his plate and dirty paper towel down on the couch next to him.  Sylvia walked up to him, took his crumpled paper towel, smelled it, said "P.U!" and ran into the kitchen to throw it in the trash can!  Somebody has trained her to clean!  (It's not me, that's for sure.)

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