Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello October!

Where in the world did you come from?  You totally sneaked up on me and tackled me from behind.  This past month has been a blur and I can't believe how long it's been since I posted!  I blame it on being laptopless (the word makes me giggle, but the truth is so sad) and on being homeless.  A situation which we will remedy soon - we're officially looking for a house!  Yippee!

Much has happened in the last month and each event really deserves it's own post, but for times' sake, I'm going to summarize as best I can.  I hope I don't get too wordy.  If I do, just skip to the end and look at the cute pic.

We closed on our house two weeks ago today!  I sat across from the people who bought our house and held back tears when they explained that they've been looking for a house for two years and they probably looked at a hundred of them.  They liked ours the best.  Thank God!  Selling a house quickly involves a lot of stress, a lot of waiting, and a LOT of money on our part (boo), but we closed exactly four months from the day we listed.  Not bad for a fresh start in a new town!

Sylvain and I are growing more in love with our schools every day.  Sylvia is growing more in love with her sitter and her sub-sitter (my Aunt Patty!) every day.  We have nestled into a lovely routine here which would be almost perfectly normal and manageable if it weren't for this dang cold weather.  All of our cold weather clothes and bundle-uppers are in boxes at my Grandma's house and I'll never find them again until we unpack all of that mess somewhere else.  They would have really come in handy this weekend - more on that later.

In much sadder news, the night before we closed on our house, my Grandma Stine passed away.  If you were a guest at our wedding, you might remember her cuteness on the dance floor when she and Grandpa won the Anniversary Dance-Off.  At the time they had been married for 55 years.  Now it's more like 60.  She was the world's greatest Grandma.  She thought that every tiny thing every grandchild ever did was AMAZING.  And she told us so, all the time.  For the last few years she hasn't been feeling very well, so I think it's safe to say that her passing has brought her a well deserved peace.  I will miss her dearly, but when I think of her, it's impossible not to also think of the wonderful family she raised and left behind.  And they make me smile, so it's not so bad.

In much happier news - Sylvia is growing like a WEED!  I wish I could take a scan of her brain every day to show you how it's absolutely exploding with new learning.  I can't believe how much language she understands!  She can follow directions to almost anything.  She knows people's names, she answers questions, she knows her animal sounds and she recently learned to say her colors - well, the names of colors.  Most color exchanges go like this:
Me: Sylvia, what color is Grover?
Sylvia: Lell-ooooo!!!!!!
Me: No, he's blue.
Sylvia: Booo!!!!!!
She can say all the color names, but the sweet thing guesses the wrong color on the first try every single time!

Also, we are constantly spelling the things we don't want her to hear, which I thought we'd never do, but now I get it.  Example - After she chugs an entire cup of milk and puts it down and walks away, I know she doesn't want or need any more.  But if Sylvain looks in the fridge and shouts, "Do we have any MILK?" she will suddenly remember that milk is her life force and she can't survive another minute without it and...
This involves screaming and STOMPING (a recently acquired skill) and head shaking and fist's quite a sight to see, really.  Sometimes I laugh at her.  Sometimes I have to walk away because these tantrums totally wear me out and I don't want to lose it.  But usually I just stand there and wait for her to finish so I can talk to her like she's a normal person.  Anyway, that's why we now say, "Honey, do we have any m-i-l-k?" Or better yet, just avoid that word altogether.  We also avoid "pretzel," "Elmo," and "outside."  Oh heavens, don't say "outside."  You'll want those ears later.

One final newsflash - we went camping this weekend at the Annual Humbert Family Camp Out!  Well, not really.  Sylvain went down last night to meet my Dad and brothers.  Sylvia and I took John's girlfriend, Jess, down with us today in an attempt to join the fun.  But it was way too cold.  So we sat around the fire and ate s'mores until we couldn't take it anymore.  Fun fact - kids have absolutely no idea how cold they are.  Sylvia was wearing many layers (all of her REAL winter clothes are waiting patiently in Grandma's basement), and it made me cold just to look at her, but darn it, she ran around the campsite and had a dandy old time!  She probably would have run around naked if I'd let her!  After three hours of trying to keep her under a blanket (didn't happen), we decided to call it quits.  Here's the proof that she had a good time.

I am not sad at all that we came home, because Mom had beef stew on the stove and now Sylvia is sleeping in her nice, warm bed.  All the boys are still down there, freezing their butts off, I'm sure.

That's our month in a nutshell.  Hopefully I'll have a new laptop soon and these posts will start to pick up again!  Happy October, everyone!

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