Monday, December 27, 2010


It came and went and here we sit on the other side of the greatest holiday ever!  We came up to Mom's on Thursday and upon arrival she said, "Thanks for the baby, now go do whatever you want to do while I watch her!"  Ahhh, Grandma.  We went to meet a few friends at a resaurant and then out to a movie.  It was delightful!

On Friday we baked pies and made food for Grandma Neltner's house, where the whole family meets every Christmas Eve.  Grandma Neltner's house was delightfully raucous.  Lots of people, lots of food, lots of presents, and lots of love!  We kept Sylvia up way too late, but it was worth it.

We headed back to Mom's for the night and opened more presents on Christmas Day!  Sylvia had no idea what was going on, but she started to get the hang of it.  She loved tearing all the wrapping paper. 

This gift is still sitting in the box, in a pile of presents, ready to get loaded into the car.  We're not even going to open the box until we get back home!  She, obviously, doesn't know any better, so we're taking advantage of the fact that this is all new to her!

Here's a good pic of Sylvia being all, "What, am I supposed to do something else besides read these books?  You people are CRAZY!"  Behind her are the duckies that Mom found at an antique mall.  They're handmade and they roll along the floor on a little pull string.  Later in the day Sylvia really got excited about them.

Here's Sylvia after she opened her squeaky blocks.  They're chewable soooooo.....she loves them.

Santa also brought gifts for the grown ups!  He even left the wrapping paper off of Jordan's gift so he could point out how funny the packaging was.

After all the presents were opened at Mom's house, it was time to head to Dad's house!  Santa went there, too!
 Sylvia needed a little pick-me-up when we got there, but as soon as she had her bottle she was ready to rock!

 Sally made Poinsettias: champagne and cranberry juice!  Yummy!

 Nana enjoyed a poinsettia while she watched Sylvia play with her toys.

Sally showed Sylvia how to play with her new toy - a corn popper!  Is there anyone out there who did NOT have one of these as a kid?  It hasn't changed in decades!  I'm so glad she has one!

 Santa brought the boys Nerf guns.  Fun was had.  'Nuf said.

We hung out at Dad's for the afternoon and then headed back to Mom's for dinner and games with Jay's side of the family.

 Sylvia got a great toy from Mamie Fasciotto.  Lots of lights and buttons and songs, and it comes with a cell phone!  She's eight months old now, so she's really ready for a cell phone.

 Uncle Jordan was lots of fun.

 Cousin Charlie loved his slide from Santa.  He was much better at opening presents than Sylvia.  He could really show her how it's done.

 This present was for "Daddy and Sylvia," there was another one for "Daddy and Charlie."  They had to open them at the same time.  They were singing snow men dressed in UK gear (for us) and Cincinnati Reds gear (for them).  Look at Sylvia's face!  Does she look exhausted or what?

 The obligatory bow on the head shot.

 Laura and Pete opened Sylvia's gift for sweet baby Crawford.  We love sharing Christmas evening with the Crawfords!

And this picture will be framed at my house!  After we tried to get some family photos, loooong after bedtime, both kids were plum tuckered out.  So Uncle Jordan grabs them both and says, "I want a picture with both kids!  Give 'em here!"  And this is what we got.

It was a wonderful Christmas.  We had a great time with our family and friends, and Sylvia loved being around all these people!  Now, Sylvain and I are packing for our two day road trip through Kentucky for our anniversary (four years on Wednesday!) and Mom is gearing up for two and a half days taking care of our sweet Nugget.  Luckily, she's been sleeping really well while we've been here, so I have no qualms about leaving her.  In fact, I'm rather looking forward to it!

I hope everyone out there in cyberspace had a lovely holiday as well!  Merry Christmas!

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krissy said...

I'm so sorry about not getting back to you Rach. We were crazy busy and I didn't sit back down at the computer to respond. Ria could have done the 27th but I was busy both days. Let's keep trying. If we get all of us together it would be hysterically reminiscent of our get togethers when we were kids! OR we could try to do just the three of us and actually hear each other speak. :-)