Sunday, October 10, 2010

Six Months

Dear Sweet Sylvia,

I woke up Friday morning with a smile on my face because I knew it was your half-birthday!  Six months seems like it went by in the blink of an eye, yet I feel like you've been around all my life.  I can't imagine life without you and I am so grateful for every sweet moment we have together. 

You are such a fun baby and you're growing like crazy these days.  You still love to roll around on the floor, but now you're getting much better at scooting and rolling all over the place.  If you see something you want a few feet away from you, you can twist and turn your body in ways I never thought possible just to get it.  But you won't crawl.  Not yet.  Your current mode of transportation is just way too much fun.  You're getting better at sitting up, too, but you can't quite do that by yourself yet, either.  I think it'll only be a matter of weeks before you have sitting and crawling mastered.  And then, we'll be in for some fun times at our house!

While you're developing well physically, I've been so pleased watching you develop a little personality, too!  Whenever anyone holds you, the first thing you do is reach for their face.  You have this overwhelming urge to touch EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME NO MATTER WHAT!  You love noses and ears...anything you can grab onto for dear life.  Daddy and I have to take off our glasses before we pick you up, because that's the first thing you go for, and I haven't worn earrings in months.  I think this habit is all part of your desire to know things.  You've always been "studious," ever since the moment you were born.  You've always looked around and pondered all the things you see, but now you can start touching them and wrapping your fingers around every tiny detail you can find.  And putting them in your mouth.  Your mouth is very helpful when it comes to discovering the world around you.  If you can see it, you want to touch it.  If you can touch it, you want to grab onto it.  And if you can grab onto it, you want to lick it and slobber all over it and show it who's boss.  In fact, right after this picture was taken, you hugged that pumpkin next to you and tried to eat it.  That's totally your thing right now.

You loved visiting the pumpkin patch with Grammy and Grandpa Bird this weekend.  They couldn't believe how big you're getting!

We've become quite the happy family, Nugget.  This month we've been very busy visiting family and friends all over Kentucky, but no matter where we are or who we're visiting, the three of us are always together.  Each day it seems like I can't possibly love you any more or else my heart my burst into a thousand pieces, but each night I go to bed and realize that I love you more than the day before.  Daddy feels the same way.  You've changed him.  You've turned him into a playful, protective, wonderful father and he thinks you're the most amazing thing on earth. 

So here's to half a year, my dear!  May your next six months be as happy and wonderful as your first.  I sure am glad you're around and I can't wait to see what you'll do next.  You're my favorite.

Love you forever,


Laura said...

Wow! I can't believe it has been six months already! It seems like she's cuter every day.

Joyce said...

From a little conehead blob to the prettiest pumpkin in the patch, all in just 6 months! You're the awesomest, Sylvi-pie!